20 March 2020 Breed Notes

Crufts is over for another year and with it brought challenges and circumstances like we have never seen with the Coronavirus looming. For the Kennel Club what a nightmare waiting game situation leading up to the show. Tom Mather and Tony Allcock OBE must have been exhausted with the responsibility laid firmly on their shoulders. Let’s give a round of applause for them coping with the situation so well, showing the global world the UK canine world is the best of its kind.

Toy day was on the first day, Thursday is always quieter than the following three days and probably the best from an exhibitor’s point of view. As always the ring was spacious and green carpeted. We were situated in our usual corner of Hall 5, plenty of grooming space with a choice of benching or grooming areas.

Our judge for the day for this very special judging appointment was breed specialist Mrs Amanda Bruce- Bostock. She arrived promptly at the ring with her mother, the very lovely Queenie Bruce looking ready for her judging. Dressed beautifully in a dress and matching jacket, she looked just right for the occasion.

The judge gave everyone an opportunity to show their dogs as they wished and was always calm and collective with everyone throughout the day. Going over the dogs on the table this is where her experience showed by being kind and considerate but yet being direct so not to confuse the four paws. There is nothing worse for the exhibitor than a judge trying to be friends with the dog and then the four paws getting all giddy. Also the seasoned four paws who knows exactly what is expected of them prefers the judge to treat them with the respect they deserve, by the judge doing what they should do. So congratulations must go the Amanda Bruce –Bostock for fulfilling the judges attitude that we the exhibitors so desire.

Trade stands were a plenty and appeared as if they were doing good business. We only ventured on the perimeter as Crufts for us has never been a shopping experience as we never leave the dogs for any length of time.

The principal winners for the day were as follows; DCC/ BOB a thrilled Miss V Pavlikova and Kathleen Roosens with CH Premier League Believers. We were delighted to receive the Best Puppy award with our youngster Irene and Glenn Robb’s Suniren Daddy’s Girl Gleniren, Estelle Kirk’s pretty little one took the BCC with Ch Ioastar’s Forever Autumn at Kirkchase JW. The RDCCC was Mrs E & Miss W Trzybinska’s Am/DK/PL CH Fairplayer Lalabay and the RBCC was Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Ch Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW shCM. For a special return to the ring Best Veteran was a very excited Travis. Irene and Glenn Robb’s, Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. Where have all those years gone it doesn’t seem possible, Travis is in the Veteran class. He looked just like when he took Top Dog in 2015, we were so proud of him.

Huge congratulations to everyone who received placement cards and rosettes for Crufts, what a major achievement and one to be proud of, memory boxes at the ready!

News of an Open Show results from Hazel Malcolm. South Western Toy Dog Club Open Show, where Irene Jennings (Jumelhei) judged the breed and Mrs T Jackson (Amantra) judged BIS. Irene Jennings was a last minute stand in judge for Mr J Blewett (Othmese) who had pulled out over Coronavirus concerns. BOB Hazel Malcolm’s Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love, RBOB Susie Orchard’s Ringlands Yoko Solo at Panspayon. BPIB and TPGP3 was Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Devon Crimson Queen.

News about the Coronavirus.

A report from Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland will ban mass gatherings of at least 500 attendees from next week as part of new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it would be ‘inappropriate to continue as normal’ as the pandemic continues to grow and announced the move will come into effect from Monday to ‘protect the resilience’ of front-line healthcare workers. It comes as the UK government is set to trigger the ‘delay’ phase of its plan to fight the spread of the virus, which will introduce stricter measures. Currently there are 36 confirmed cases and no deaths in Scotland, while there are 459 positive diagnoses in the UK in total. However, Ms Sturgeon said she expects a ‘sharp rise in cases’ which will be confirmed at 2pm during the daily announcement. ‘We may also see further evidence of community transmission of coronavirus that underlines the seriousness of the situation we are all facing,’ said Ms Sturgeon during Thursday’s FMQs.

On Wednesday, the Scottish government confirmed one of its latest cases was not traced to people who had travelled to hard-hit areas, such as northern Italy. Speaking ahead of an emergency Cobra meeting held by Boris Johnson with other UK leaders this afternoon, Ms Sturgeon said: ‘Mass gatherings are required to be policed, they require to have emergency ambulance cover, they require the services of our voluntary health services, and at a time when we need to be reducing the pressures on these front-line workers in order to free them up on the significant challenge that lies ahead, I do think it is inappropriate that we continue as normal.’ Ms Sturgeon added: ‘Our emergency services are likely to suffer from higher than normal sickness absence rates in the weeks and months ahead and our NHS in particular will be under significant pressure. It’s important we protect that resilience as much as possible. ‘The safety and wellbeing of our NHS staff is vital at all times but given what they are facing now, it is particularly important.’

Ms Sturgeon said that a decision on whether to close schools has not yet been made, as teachers across the UK say they have been told to start putting together home-learning packs in preparation for a potential month-long school lockdown. However, she said the Scottish government ‘will continue to take decisions in collaboration with the other nations of the UK around issues like schools in the future, but driven very much by the scientific advice’.
The announcement came shortly after Ireland also revealed it was banning mass gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor meetings of more than 500 will be cancelled. Irish premier Leo Varadkar announced all schools, colleges and childcare facilities would close until March 29. Ireland recorded its first fatality from Covid-19 yesterday and has 34 confirmed cases.

A response by the Chairman Nick Gorley for The National Dog Show.

The Officers and Committee of Birmingham National Dog Show remain hopeful that our special ‘VE Celebration Day’ Championship Show will still go ahead from 7th – 10th May.

Should we be forced to cancel then we will look at the feasibility of postponing our Show until later in the year. If this is not feasible we will refund exhibitor’s entry fees less a proportionate administration fee. We will also refund the companies that have pre-paid for Trade Stand space.

We trust in typical ‘Dunkirk’ spirit, we can rely on your support. We are very encouraged by our entry to date and we hope this will continue.

We will provide you all with another statement after next week’s anticipated government ‘Mass Gathering’ announcement. If you have any questions in the meantime please e-mail our Secretary. Jennie Griffiths. secretary@thenationaldogshow.org.uk Nick Gourley

IRISH KENNEL CLUB SHOWS Statement from ‘The Irish Kennel Club’ 11th March 2020
As our prime concern is the health and welfare of our members and the wider community the Board of The Irish Kennel Club has regretfully decided to postpone our two International Dog Shows on 14th, 15th and the ‘Pawtrick’s Day’ event on 17th March 2020.
This decision was not taken lightly and was the result of advice from Government Departments and the Health Authorities.

It is our intention to reschedule these events at a later date as the situation becomes clearer.
If you entered any of these events the following will apply.

  • You will be credited for entering the rescheduled event
  • On application, a letter personally addressed to you confirming the cancellation of the event(s). (If required for you use for Hotel/Transport claims). Stay safe and thank you for your understanding.

The CSCE jointly with IFEMA works in close contact with the Health Authorities on everything concerning the outbreak of Coronavirus Covid 19. We understand the concern of exhibitors and visitors and ask you to be patient and stay waiting for any official information that will be notified through our channels.

We work with the assurance that the Canine World Exhibition 2020 will be held in Madrid in the optimal safety and well-being conditions for dogs, exhibitors, judges and visitors. Thank you for your patience.

Our Dogs Newspaper will continue to monitor and report on the situation for shows with reference to Coronaviris.

For everyone out there it is a very difficult time. Please stay safe, be sensible for yourself and others around you, there will always be another dog show. The sooner we tackle this sensibly head on, the sooner it will cease and our lives can get back to normality. If you know someone who is on their own a simple phone call can make them feel they are being thought of, that will mean the world to that person. Most importantly of all, please be kind to each other.