06 March 2020 Breed Notes

The Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club held their Open Show with a change of venue at the very last minute. This was due to Carlton Hall being used as a refuge centre for emergency workers in the Snaith area owing to the bad flooding.

Wendy Walters the secretary of the club and the committee sourced a new venue for the show to continue at Harewood Village Hall, located next to Harewood House. Admiration and congratulations must go to Wendy and the committee for handling the situation so well at such short notice.

Harewood Village Hall is in a very pretty location with many local residents out on a walk with their families and dogs in the sunshine, yes I did say sunshine! The hall was light, airy and toasty cosy. Christine Mcfarlane was present with her super array of mouth watering tasty refreshments and the club offered tea and coffee on arrival. The raffle table was laden to capacity with fabulous prizes awaiting the winners. Estelle Kirk won the main prize of a dog bed full with goodies. Sandra Austin kindly donated a butterfly dinner set for the BIS winner who was a very delighted Lynda Woodrow. The club stall was there with lots on offer showing of course a strong butterfly theme.

Our judge for the day was Toy Specialist Mr Anthony Oakden who carried out his appointment in a calm, sympathetic manner. The judge went over the dogs very kindly but firmly on the table and gave every opportunity for the exhibitor and their four paws to put best feet and paws forward with clear direction. Ted Rogerson ably assisted as the steward keeping everyone in the right place at the right time, sometimes not an easy task.

The principal winners were as follows: BIS/ BB an absolutely thrilled Lynda Woodrow with Ablazzor Lady In Red, RBIS/ BOS/BD Lizzie Morley and Robert Hitcock’s Elfuago Bombastic, BPIS/ BMPIS Irene and Glenn Robb’s Suniren Daddy’s Girl Gleniren. Cilla enjoyed her second outing out to the max and thank you everyone for your lovely comments. BPHIS Queenie Bruce and Amanda Bruce –Bostock’s Tijuana Mayhem. How nice it was to see Queenie there looking so well after her operation with Dave. BVIS Jackie Green’s Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings, RBPIS Karen Maskell and Maxine Waller’s LilnroseI’m In The Limelight With Kaskell and finally RBB Estelle Kirk’s Ablazzor Angel Delight At Kirkchase. Congratulations to all the class and principal winners and to those that had achieved their goal set for the day.

Rosemarie Hobson had a good weekend firstly at Ashton in Makerfield DCS taking BOB under judge Avril Cawthera-Purdy with Pappretty For Ever And Ever At Rosenjon and then winning two classes at N&ECP Club with Amicae Kenzo At Rosenjon.

Susie and Margaret Orchard took home some good results at Torquay & DCS taking RBOB and Reserve Best Of Group with Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM. Their youngster Panspayon Jewel Of The Nile had a glorious day taking BPIB/ TPGP1 and RBPIS. The BIS judge was Bill Browne-Cole (Travella), Breed & Group Judge: Gail Saffer (Ragemma)

Also at Torquay DCS Sue Morrell celebrated BOB/ TGP2 with Tricianbri Harry Beau for Temelora. Very well done to you all on flying the Papillon flag so high for the breed.

News from The kennel Club. Press release regarding JFC changes.Those candidates sitting the Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam at a Breed Appreciation Day need to have met the amended Level 1 criteria, which is:

  • Minimum of 5 years proven interest in pedigree dogs
  • Attend a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
  • Attend a Conformation and Movement seminar
  • Complete a minimum of 2 stewarding appointments (another 10 appointments must be completed for the judge to meet Level 3 in their first breed)

The following has been amended as Level 2 criteria:

First breed:

  • Take and pass Requirements of a Dog Show Judge examination
  • Pass Points of a Dog assessment
  • Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for the respective breed.
  • View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz
  • Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz

Subsequent breeds:

  • Attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) and pass a Multiple Choice Examination (MCE) for each breed.

The Kennel Club are are releasing information in bite size chunks to allow all groups to digest this information. This has come about as a result of feedback received from the JCF review.
Please refer to the Kennel Club website for more information on Judges Education, and for the Judges Competency Framework.

In the poorly corner, please send lots of get well thoughts to those that are not on best form at the moment. Lynn George Evan has very bruised legs after a bad fall. Elizabeth Patrick has had a fall and spent some time in hospital, but now recovering out of hospital. Get well wishes to Brian Cox. Pat says he is improving steadily. We wish Jean Banfield all the best with her forthcoming visit to the hospital and Roger Banfield’s forthcoming operation.

If you know of anyone that is not in the best of health or a little bit down at the moment and perhaps would feel some love to be a help. Message me and I will mention in the breed notes.

Good luck if you are getting ready for Crufts, enjoy to the max.