24 January 2020 Breed Notes

Manchester Championship Show at Stafford was upon us and as always the committee had given 100% commitment to ensure the show looked spot on. An accident on the M6 delayed judging by 15 minutes as the queues for reaching the showground stretched back a considerable way, so it was a stop and start procedure. This was our first show back for 2020 so it was exciting to see folk from all breeds that we hadn’t seen for some considerable time. The weather was cold but kind with no wet stuff descending on you from a great height! The grass areas were very boggy so you had to be careful were you parked and indeed a few cars had got stuck and manhandling of the friendly exhibitor was much in need. Pleased to say we escaped that experience. Trade stands were doing a brisk trade and everyone seemed in an upbeat state of mind.

The ring was of a good size and benching was close to the ring in annexe B. Papillons were second in the ring so all shopping could be done and dusted prior to judging instead of a mad dash round at the end.

Our judge for the show was very well known and respected all rounder Mrs Jill Peak. This was a first time judging the breed for challenge certificates so I hope she had a thoroughly enjoyable day going over the Papillons and Phalenes. Mrs Peak arrived looking very smart and ready for her day ahead. As one would expect the judge went over the dogs on the table in a sympathetic manner and was very clear to all exhibitors what she required them to do. Her two stewards being very experienced kept everyone in order on the sidelines. Both our four paws took firsts and a first time out puppy took BPB so we couldn’t have been more pleased, treats on the way home for everyone! After a long break out of the ring you are always unsure, I think it is called ‘winging it’. Glenn had just returned the night before from a long flight so I think he wasn’t sure what side of the world he was on by the time he got to the show, fizz sticks at the ready as jet lag crept in!

The principal winners were as follow. A well deserved BCC/BOB Estelle Kirk’s Iotastar’s Forever Autumn At Kirkchase JW. For the DCC it was a special moment for Hazel Malcolm taking her first CC. You never ever forget that first CC it a magical experience, so enjoy Hazel and I guess it will be frames at the ready. The DCC was Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love. BP was a first time experience also for Mrs M Taylor with Pamhurst Capriccio, congratulations also to the breeder Pam Taylor. BV was Connie Letch’s Conysluck Master Pip. RDCC Kirsty Miller & Evan Ryan’s Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh.CM and lastly the RBCC Mrs M Keown’s Ch Jorgealin Moon Magic. Well done to all the principal winners and all those that got in the cards.

Pleased to say my flu gremlin has paid its bill and packed its rucksack so that is indeed good news. Hope everyone has managed to duck and dive this experience it is not to be recommended, for sure.

Until next week stay safe and enjoy your four paws.