24 July 2020 Breed Notes

Last week I gave you the saddest news of the passing of of our lovely Chris Foynes (Lafay). Very kindly Mary Whitehill put a few words together for Christine, I am very grateful for you doing this Mary.

How sad it was to hear of Christine Foynes passing after her long battle with cancer. She was a brave lady who throughout her illness kept a positive attitude. She was active member of the Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club and was currently Club Chairman. She was at the shows working for the club and was recently passed by the Kennel Club to awards CC’s. This was certainly her ambition and sadly she wasn’t able to it fulfil her goal.

Aidan and Christine bought their first Papillon eighteen years ago and have bred occasionally but showing this breed was Christine’s passion. Lafay Petite Etoile JW gained a RCC at Bournemouth Ch Show 2016 and Travelling by Moonlight to Amicaewas just four points short of his Veteran Warrant, age fourteen, but still going strong.

They have made many friends in the dog circle and joined up at many shows with their caravan. So passionate about the shows they decided to tie the knot at Border Union championship show. A barbeque followed with many exhibitors joining in the celebrations..

Christine loved all her Papillons but one special lady shared the same birthday as her.
We all have very fond memories and we will all be able to recall these at this time.

Funeral arrangements are; Dukinfield Cremotorium, Hall Green Road, Dukinfield SK16 4EP on Thursday 23rd July at 2.30pm.Due to Covid 19 restrictions limited numbers for attending If people wish to pay their respect they can stand on Hall Green Road or Old Road. Our condolences go to the family at this time Any donations will be going to McMillan nurses

Thank you Mary, I am sure each and every one of us will spare a moment of reflection in memory of Christine on the day of her celebration of life.

Shows rescheduled due to coronavirus pandemic (13/07/2020)
The Kennel Club would like to confirm that any show which has been rescheduled within 12 weeks of its original date due to the coronavirus pandemic must keep the original qualifying dates. If a dog was eligible for a class on the original date it would still be eligible to enter that class on the rescheduled date. For example, if a dog was eligible for Junior on the original date, even if it is over 18 months old on the rescheduled date, it can be entered into Junior and, should it win a class and meet Junior Warrant criteria, relevant Junior Warrant points can be claimed.
Furthermore, if a dog is eligible for a class on the rescheduled date, it can enter this class. Therefore, if a puppy was too young for a show if it took place on the original date but is now 6 months or over on the rescheduled date it can be entered into the show.
The Kennel Club would like to confirm Bournemouth Canine Association has rescheduled within 12 weeks. It should be noted that Blackpool & District Canine Society has not rescheduled within 12 weeks.
Bournemouth Show 12 week rule applies. If your dog would have been eligible for an age related class for the August 2020 show then you can enter into that class for the October show as it is less than 12 weeks between the two dates. Please note you can only entered by post to do this as the online system will only list classes your dog is eligible for in terms of its age from the October show date. Entry forms are available to download from the Higham Press website – http://www.highampress.co.uk/download.asp
With these dark times in the world the Committee of Blackpool Championship show decided to apply to The Kennel Club for the dates of 25th – 27th September 2020 to hopefully hold our show. As we wanted to try and put the mojo back into the world of dogs and hopefully give us all something to focus on and look forward to. Hopefully more shows will follow.
This has not been easy, as most of you know this takes a lot of planning and hard work to reschedule a championship show. We have contacted judges, trade stands, Stewards, suppliers and food vendors to see if they are happy to participate in our 2020 show. Whilst most of the judges have confirmed they are willing to join us, some have not been able to due to prior events or appointment’s and most trade stands and food vendors are looking forward to joining us. We do respect and totally understand that some people are not happy to possibly put their selves or elderly family member at risk and we totally understand, but we look forward to seeing you back with us in 2021.
We are still mindful of the situation in the world so we will be putting in place temperature taking on arrival, plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers around the show ground and constant cleaning and sanitising of toilets. As we have a 12 acre show site there is plenty of room for small pop-up tents gazebo’s no larger than 6ft x 6ft and you must bring your own chairs so there will be no cross contamination, so plenty of room for social distancing on site.
Entry will open on Fosse Data Website on Monday 10th August for 3 weeks only, there will be no printed schedules available as this is not cost effective and there are no shows to distribute them. If you don’t have access to a computer don’t worry you can use any entry form and you can call 01254-853526 for class numbers and any other information required.
As of today we have received 10,273 visits in an eighteen day period on our website, as we only receive between 50/60 visits a month normally, we are quite took back by the enormity of these amount of visits.
We now have a big ask of our fellow societies, exhibitors and friends to make all this possible to happen we need your help on the days of the show, we all need to pull together as ‘The World of Pedigree dogs’ needs to work as a team to pull us forward into the future, if you can help this would be gratefully received you can make contact with the secretary by email:- secretary@blackpooldogshow.com
Please rather than ask questions on facebook or other media site PLEASE visit our website where you will be kept fully informed of what is happening

With regret, the Kennel Club must announce the cancellation of this year’s Discover Dogs event, planned to take place in London in October. This is due to the continued restrictions arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and current Government advice against staging large public gatherings such as indoor exhibitions. At present, there is no prospect of these restrictions being lifted in the timescale required to organise the event.
The Kennel Club takes the health, safety and security of everyone who takes part in its events very seriously and this must remain the prime consideration at all times. We shall look forward to welcoming you all to Discover Dogs next year.

Stay safe everyone and reme3mber the face masks when you are out and about. It is for your safety as well as those around you.