31 July 2015 – Dog World

There have been some exciting results for the Open Shows. Firstly at the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club’s Fun Weekend on the Saturday Rodney Oldham (Towmena) was judging the breed. BIS went to the dog Jo Davidson-Poston with Remani’s So You Think You Can Dance Spinillons Sh Cm (imp USA), RBIS Sue Victor’s little girl Lafford Kandy Floss handled by Caroline Lee- Slater. BP Sue Victor’s youngster Farleybane Frilly Filly.

Brian Lees the clubs secretary has kindly send in a report on the goings on over the weekend. The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club held its annual Fun Day on Sunday 12th July following a successful Open Show on Saturday 11th. The weather for the Open Show was warm, sunny and dry and we were fortunate to be able to conduct the judging outside on the grass. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the weather for the Fun Day, although it didn’t prevent too many of the planned activities from being held outdoors also. Fortunately the cloudy and considerably cooler day did not restrict the enthusiasm of those who brought along their Papillons for some games, fun classes and our ‘Have a go’ mini Agility course. The events and games had been planned and coordinated by our own Debbie Goodwin along with Gill Geary, games included finding the sausage (hidden under a cup), a short obstacle race involving a hoola hoop, a short plank and weaving poles, then finally musical chairs was performed indoors following lunch as by then the rain had decided to fall, curtailing any further outdoor pursuits.

We had two rings set up outside so we were able to conduct the games and Fun classes as well as the Agility without too much interference between the activities. Fun classes included ‘Waggiest Tail’, ‘Most Handsome Dog’, ‘Prettiest Bitch’ and ‘The Best Six Legs’ – the latter proving quite a challenge.

Of course we could not forget the main reason for the Fun Day and that is to support and celebrate the activities of the Rescue. We were delighted that five of the Papillons who had found new homes as a result of our Rescue were able to attend and their new owners were asked to say a few words about their dogs and some very heart warming stories were told. Most if not all of them took part in either the games or the Fun classes and I’m sure all enjoyed their day meeting like minded Papillon owners.

We all enjoyed a tasty BBQ lunch together, provided by the local pub, and gathered in the hall for a natter and to exchange stories about our Papillons. It makes the efforts of our Rescue coordinators, Debbie Goodwin and Jeanette Maggs so worthwhile seeing these Papillons so adored by their new owners. They work very hard and travel many miles to help our needy Papillons and to see some attend our Fun Day is a just reward.

Thank you Brian it all sounds like everyone had a brilliant day with so many activities, maybe it is one to pencil in your diaries for next year.

At Wombwell & DCA Liz and Alan Bartram had a successful day their youngster Lafford Take Flyte to Burghbridge took BPIB and Conysluck The Red Baron BOB and TGP2. The judge was Mrs Lynn Salt (Woodlyn).

Petula Humphrey’s brings news that her new little one Caraideas The Extra Mile to Gloynbyw took TPGP2 under Elizabeth Cooper at Oswestry CA. He also passed his KC puppy Foundation assessment at the training club. This little man looks like he is heading in the right direction.

South of England Championship Show entries have been announced. I am sure Philip Shirley (Cordenrouge) is delighted as he has a lovely entry of 125/131. We are unable to attend but I hope everyone has a lovely show. The club committee in past years puts on a good show with plenty of friendly atmosphere so have a brilliant day and good luck to everyone.

From abroad Cathy and Gordon Urguhart have been attending a show in Belgium. Cathy writes they had success with the following wins at Golden Dog Trophy in De Liege, Belgium, what a great day’s Showing. Cathy had four Dogs were entered – two Maltese (Class: open Bitch. & Junior dog) and two Papillon (Open Bitch & Junior Bitch) Two times C.A.C.I. B. & two times Best Juniors. To top that ‘ Sassy’ got 3rd Best Junior in the Groups that were shown Today – groups one, five, six, nine & ten. So we came away with three trophies and a stash of rosettes. the Best Papillon was ” Posh” Ringlands Summer Sunshine In Blackpark. C.A.C. & C.A.C.I.B. Also B.O.B and Excellent 1. The Papillon Best Junior 1 & Excellent (Golden Dog Trophy Meilleur Jeune), was our “Winnie” (Japanese Import) Queen Bless Winner Of Art Etoile JP At Blackpark. Very well done to you both but I am lead to believe the journey home was a nightmare, glad you are home safe and sound.

The next few weeks are known better as the bucket and spade show time with Paignton and Bournemouth on the horizon. Stupid o’clock mornings, motorways and holiday maker traffic here we come, but it’s all fun and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Good luck at the shows. Next week I will be reporting on a double showing weekend with Leeds Champ Show on the Friday and Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club holding their Champ show the following day near Doncaster. This year the Open show usually held in July has moved to the Champ show slot in Nov and the Champ show to July. The calendar competition will be once again in full flow to select the pictures for the 2016 calendar and of course the usual N&ECPC friendly hospitality will be there for everyone present.

Due to this November is going to be a quiet month this year, with no champ shows to attend this means that the last show in 2015 for a puppy to qualify for Crufts will be LKA. Not a lot of training and opportunities available for the little ones coming out at the back end of the year. Summer puppies are more fortunate for qualifying with weekly Champ shows, especially around the July/ Aug period.

Having back to back shows may be considered some what harsh on certain exhibitors, those that are not fortunate enough to have a caravan or motor homes, a choice decision between the entries for either Leeds or N&E Champ show would have had to be made. Okay some will say, “They can always get a B & B” but if you have dogs at home this is not always a possibility. Let’s take a moment to face the facts. Expenses are already at a premium with entries and petrol, without pulling at the purse strings adding unnecessary extra financial burden of accommodation. Papillon entries, as in most breeds are lower than in previous years so it is crucial that we nurture the opportunities of entries for all exhibitors and societies. Let us not forget this, otherwise it will turn around and bite us in the rear. Maybe the show will revert back in 2016 to Nov, stopping us all getting withdrawal symptoms!

Take care travelling, a lot of extra miles will be covered in the next few weeks so please remember to give the four paws some chill out time, it is hard for them too. We will meet up again next week, coffee at the ready.