24 July 2015 – Dog World

The scientists are in heaven this week, understandably whooping and reaping the joys of their passion Pluto, whilst we have been exploring new territories beyond ‘Cloud 9’. I can confirm the No 34 bus was on time, is eco friendly and the scenery is one fluffy dreamy vision of glorious.

East of England Champ Show experienced good weather and on the Friday of Toy Day the sun shone brightly all day. For those outside it must have been a struggle to keep the four paws cool, let alone themselves. As always a good array of trade stands were present, so plenty to shop and browse. Lots of refreshment opportunities around the showground and even in the main hall itself we had the facility of a coffee shop.

This year Papillons were undercover in the Atrium Hall so although it felt muggy and heavy we were shielded from the heat. The hall was laid out with rings either side of the BIS show ring, large rings with plenty of manoeuvrable space. The hall hasn’t the best lighting, when first entering you feel like searching for the light switch but as your eyes adjust it does improve. But would have loved to have got the step ladder and popped some brighter bulbs in so the dogs coats would have been seen at their best. On the Friday it would have been so nice to have had some of the large doors open enabling the sunlight to have strewn in but when we returned on the last day someone had the bright idea to do so and it was so much better.

Judging commenced about half an hour late, I think due to traffic hold-ups along the way. For this show Mrs Ann Horan was judging our breed, going over the dogs in a kind, thorough manner, giving everyone a chance to show their charges off to their best advantage. The day carried on smoothly with the assisted help of Mrs Horan’s two experienced stewards.

Principal winners were as follows; DCC / BOB Irene and Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo taking his 15cc with 15th BOB. We didn’t know at that moment in time but this was to become a special show journey that we would never forget. Later in the day Travis went on to take TGP1 in a strong line-up of lovely dogs under Mrs Zola Rawson.

So it was a day of rest the next day and then return for BIS. Up early on the Sunday, wash Travis and wagons ho, heading east. Rain on the way and major traffic jams, you know the sort when the motorway resembles a car park. So a quick reckie on the sat nav, prayers have been answered and we are averting the hold up. Having kittens at that point but arrived in plenty of time at the showground and as a bonus, it was dry and sunny. It always feel strange arriving on a non Toy day, bit like a fish out of water but everyone is so friendly in the other breeds and that feeling soon passes.

It was to be a special day for Mr Rodney Oldham of the Towmena Chows as he was to judge his first BIS. Mr Oldham arrived immaculately attired for the occasion and ready to take on the task of going over his lovely group winners. His group winners were Hounds the Min w/h Dachshund, Terriers the Irish Terrier, Utility the Bulldog, Gundogs the Irish Water Spaniel, Working the Russian Black Terrier, Pastoral the Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Toys the Papillon. It was to become a day that you only think you can dream of however on this occasion became a reality. The Papillon took the top spot of BIS with the Pyrenean RBIS, for a moment time stood still and I am not sure if the ground was shaking or was it me trying to hold the camera taking pictures of the floor. A truly magical day and we are so humbled and proud to have bred and be showing our little boy Travis. A great day for our lovely breed with the Papillon flag flying high.

So, let us get back now to complete the winners for the breed under Mrs Ann Horan. BCC Irene & Glenn Robbs Ch Gleniren Kiss me Kate Sunshoo, RDCC Wendy Walters Sweetbriar Sticks an Stones, RBCC Jane Allsop and Terry Burgess’s Jalatemmes Lah De Dah and finally BP Alexander Forth’s Omegaville Treasure Me Too. Congratulations to everyone.

Windsor Champ Show saw some lovely weather in a beautiful setting with Windsor Castle as the backdrop. This year there was a covered marquee in the grooming area, which was fantastic. Previous years it was an uncovered space and if it rained we all ended up standing on each others shoulders next to the ring area. So well done committee it is a brilliant improvement. In – out ring areas here so another advantage for showing. A first time awarding Challenge certificates for breed specialist Mrs Penny Robins (Jaroma) who arrived on time ready for the occasion. Penny was dressed in a long lemon skirted two piece, looking cool for the sunny day ahead. She was accompanied with the help of two fabulous stewards whose sense of humour was second to none and makes the day very enjoyable.

The principal winners of the day where as follows; BCC/BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Kiss Me Kate Sunshoo. Our partner in the show team Carolyn Roe was judging the Toy Group so on this occasion due to our close relationship Kate did a lap of honour before the group judging commenced. DCC Sharp-Dixon, Reyes and Lynn’s Afterglow Adonis for Queenslake, RDCC Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, RBCC Pat Munn’s Ch Mad About Saffron for Ringlands. BP a delighted Mary & Ted Whitehill with Jansaleis He’s A Belter who went on to take a very creditable TPGP3 under Mr P R Eardley.

On the Open show scene front there has been some successful results for the Papillons. At Stithians Agricultural Open Show Mr Evan Ryan (Cavalli) judged the breed and Miss Kirsty Miller (Feorlig) judged the group. Sue Stanbury had a brilliant day with her team with Inixia Saucy Sam taking BOB and TGP2 and her youngster Inixia Saucy Sara taking TPGP2.

At Goosnargh & Longridge Agricultural Society Open Show Susan Lanson was I am sure absolutely delighted with her day taking TGP4 with Denemore Life of Reilly for Cantoverde and with her youngster Cantoverde Lady In Red TPGP3, Mr Colin Gullon (Barnfall) was the judge.

Liskeard and DCA Open Show Susie and Margaret Orchard’s youngster Ringlands Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon went RBOB and TPGP4 then at Tauton & DCA under Mrs Irene Jennings Sue Stanbury took TGP 3 with Inixia Saucy Sam. Congratulations everyone, job well done.

Julie Clint was over the moon that her little one Papplewick Persian Power, who at just five months passed his bronze KC Good Citizens test. What a clever little boy.

I will be reporting on Leeds as the next Championship Show. Let’s hope the sun will be shining and we won’t be dashing to the tents. Does Leeds showground when pushing the trolley seem all up hill to you too, me thinks a work out before then might be needed!

Take care travelling and enjoy the summer’s weather.