Coventry (Foleshill) Open Show 2013

03 November 2013
Judge: Mr Jeff Horswell

Best of Breed: Miller’s Feorlig Klever Kloggs
Best Puppy: Miller’s Rozamie Kisses At Midnight at Feorlig

1 Miller’s Rozamie Kisses At Midnight at Feorlig, very much a baby but very promising. Liked her head the best of these three, well placed ears, dark eyes, lovely muzzle. OK neck. Well laid shoulder. Elbows can still tighten & topline firm a little. Well ribbed body. Nice rear. Moves very well. BP;
2 Miller’s Melangel Unchained Melody at Feorlig;
3 Nash’s Ookiikiki Honeybee.

1 Allsop & Browne’s Conysluck Juscallmeansome at Jalatemme, most delightful face on him. Rounded between his well set ears, well placed dark eyes, refined muzzle giving most lovely expression. Correct neck. Balanced in angulation. Quite light on move. Silky coat;
2 Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Ollywood Star;
3 Geary’s Taliesyn Briar Rose.

Large & diverse class, quite challenging to judge.
1 Miller’s Feorlig Klever Kloggs, never stopped showing & is very good on move. Masculine head, liked his eye & expression. Large ears, refined in skull. Enough neck. Fair front. Very good body. Had best hindquarters in class with correct turn of stifle & hock. Silky coat. BOB;
2 Geary’s Taliesyn Golden Saxifraga.