Crufts Championship Show 2000

9th March 2000
Papillon Judge – Mrs A McKnight (Daneview)

Best of Breed: Sunshoo Ima Movie Premiere
Best Puppy: Fraserdene Mahonia

Dog CC: Ch Ringlands Hologram
Res.Dog CC: Corralyn Tartan Toorie
Bitch CC: Sunshoo Ima Movie Premiere
Res.Bitch CC: Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly

Special Puppy Dog (9)
1st: Baskell Black Magic
2nd: Pilipalas Othellos Chello
3rd: Inixia Wizard of Oz
Res: Tijuana Choir Boy
VHC: Kingshaven Quizotic

Special Junior Dog (13)
1st: Ringlands Disco Dan
2nd: Amicae My Secret Story for Kozatski
3rd: Martika Luke Skywalker
Res: Heavenly Sightseer
VHC: September Surprize

Special Yearling Dog (15)
1st: Sunshoo Imaknight Errant of Barallan
2nd: Serenglade Silveron to Prestella
3rd: Inixia Domino
Res: Roshelle Red Rum
VHC: Burbridge Our Rayanie

Post Graduate Dog (21)
1st: Longcrags TThe Wandering To Brezac
2nd: Nortyhlyte Wandering Star
3rd: Tussalud Juke Box
Res: Burbridge Ned Kelly
VHC: Giverny Magic Story at Lorah’s

Mid Limit Dog (16)
1st: Corralyn Tartan Toorie
2nd: Caswell Copper Connection
3rd: Marshlea Executive
Res: Glasafon Royal Welsh
VHC: Inixia Walters Wizardry

Limit Dog (19)
1st: Penang Tycon at Shevid
2nd: Penang Fable
3rd: Jaylanjay Amatopper
Res: Tutyak Midnight Magic
VHC: Lordsrake Xeus of Cherlydene

Open Dog (18)
1st: Ch Ringlands Hologram
2nd: Ch/Ir Ch Ringlands Treasure Island
3rd: Ch Tussalud Tell Me A Story
Res: Inixia Wily Walter
VHC: Tijuana Minstrel
HC: Roshelle Sir Lancelot
C: Ch Kingshaven Oh Mr Porter

Special Veteran Dog (7)
1st: Ch Inixia Artfull Andrew
2nd: Shirando Toy Soldier
3rd: Burbridge Fly For Gold
Res: Invergarick Conquestador
VHC: Macstrak Pinch of Salt

Special Puppy Bitch (14)
1st: Fraserdene Mahonia
2nd: Geanzger Rainbow Melody
3rd: Baskell Heavens Above
Res: Tonring Sweet Surrender
VHC: Glasafon Fantasy of Jhanakia

Special Junior Bitch (16)
1st: Sunshoo Imascarlet Erika at Gleniren
2nd: Martika Princess Leia
3rd: Inixia Femme Fatale
Res: Ibstock Adorable at Tussalud
VHC: Alcala Juliet

Special Yearling Bitch (20)
1st: Barallan Jump For Joy
2nd: Kingshaven Patience of Elvistime
3rd: Burbridge Olympic Gold at Christea
Res: Amicae Mischief Maker
VHC: Bonifee Sweet Charity for Pilipalas

Post Graduate Bitch (25)
1st: Domhnull Copy Deadline
2nd: Tijuana Tiller Girl
3rd: Lindendale Lydia
Res: Graycaz Chinese Wispers to Benzara
VHC: Longcrags Breila at Brezac

Mid Limit Bitch (11)
1st: Lindendale Liberty Belle
2nd: Imago Carre De Soie
3rd: Nouveau Georgy Girl at Shirando
Res: Domhnull Damask Rose
VHC: Tippitoes Rose Marie

Limit Bitch (16)
1st: Sunshoo Ima Movie Premiere
2nd: Rixbury Queen In Amber Shimna
3rd: Penang Small Talk to Shevid
Res: Northlyte Morning Mist
VHC: Burbridge Pollybartram

Open Bitch (7)
1st: Ch Kingshaven Miss Molly
2nd: Ch Ringlands Treasure Trove
3rd: Ir Ch Serenglade Sabina
Res: Ch Graycaz Olivia
VHC: Ch Longcrags Haunting Melody
6th: Ch Lorah’s Spellbinda
7th: Tykkydewas Taffeta

Special Veteran Bitch (4)
1st: Ch Serenglade Sreena for Shamal
2nd: Rosehelle Sarah Jane at Lindendale
3rd: Vella Evergreen
Res: Simply Sophia at Serenglade