Papillon Club of Scotland Open Show 2000

27th February 2000
Judge – Mrs J McKay (Corralyn)

Best in Show: Meerwings Murphy’s Dream
Res.Best in Show: Imago Carrie De Soi
Best Puppy in Show: Fraserdene Mahoina

Best Dog : Meerwings Murphy’s Dream
Res.Best Dog : Sunshoo Imanighterrant of Barallen
Best Bitch : Imago Carrie De Soi
Res.Best Bitch : Amber Brown

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Pyatshaw Murphy’s Law
2nd: Abbeyton Rising Star at Northlyte
3rd: Pharosian Star of the Nilr
Res: Force Field for Fraserdene

Puppy Dog
1st: Abbeyton Silver Rain
2nd: Pharosian Bandido Lol
3rd: Tutyak Pause for Thought
Res: Lysandra Carlos Ringlet

Junior Dog
1st: Amicae my Secret Story for Kozatsky
2nd: Pyatshaw Laphroig
3rd: Pharosian Bandido Lol
Res: Pyatshaw Lagauillan

Maiden Dog
1st: Wendyocres Worthy Tri
2nd: Pyatshaw Lagauuillan
3rd: Cadogan Sophies Boy at Pamhurst
Res: Nairn Leenery Wee Tartan ladde

Novice Dog
1st: Pyatshaw Laphoig
2nd: ??
3rd: ??
Res: Leenery Wee Tartan Laddie

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Sunshoo Imanighterrant of Barallen
2nd: Kenf’s Miguel Bathsheba of Lysandra
3rd: Wendyocres Charlie Boy
Res: Tutyak Chartham Boy

Limit Dog
1st: Pyatshaw White Heat
2nd: Totyak Midnight Magic
3rd: Chappell Razzamataz
Res: Jaylanjay Amatopper

Open Dog
1st: Meerwings Murphys Dream
2nd: Anncolm Valentino
3rd: Northlyte Wandering Star
Res: Jaylanjay Amacracker

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Calphia Wild Bramble
2nd: Domnhull Little Star
3rd: Sunshoo Imatri Tanya at Barallen
Res: Pyatshaw Nessun Dorma

Puppy Bitch
1st: Fraserdene Mahoina
2nd: Imago Doodlebug
3rd: Calphia Wild Bramble
Res: Whitehill’s Kingshaven Quazy Rhythm

Junior Bitch
1st: Wings of Song for Volpcula
2nd: Amicae Mischief Maker
3rd: Northlyte Anticipation
Res: Tussalud Kiss an Angel

Maiden Bitch
1st: Volpecula Red Sonja
2nd: Tussalud kiss an angel
3rd: Calphia Honeysuckle Rose
Res: Northlyte Imperial Star

Novice Bitch
1st: Tutyak Langtoon Lass
2nd: Domnhull Little Star
3rd: Adinaken Murphy’s Lass
Res: Northlyte Wwishings Star

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Amber Brown
2nd: Barallen jump for joy
3rd: Domhnull copy deadline
Res: Anncolm Aphrodite

Limit Bitch
1st: Imago Carre De Soie
2nd: Loncrags Papaver of Sharjoy
3rd: Domhnull Damask Rose
Res: Barallan Star Attraction

Open Bitch
1st: Chappell Tango
2nd: Kirkibol Wee Marquesa of Adinaken
3rd: Sunshoo Imaprim N Potter at Barallan
Res: Wendyocres Rosso

Veteran (Dog or Bitch)
1st: Chappell Tango
2nd: Chappell Intermezzo
3rd: CH Blackpark Geogio of Lorenzo
Res: Adinaken Wee Marquis

Special Beginners (Dog or Bitch)
1st: Pyatshaw Murphys Law
2nd: Calphia Wild Bramble
3rd: Cadogan Sophies Boy at Pamhurst
Res: Leenerys Wee Tartan Laddie

Special Black/White or Tricolour (Dog or Bitch)
1st: Calphia Wild Bramble
2nd: Wendyacres Worthy Try
3rd: Leenery Wee Tartan Laddie

Special Red/White, Lemon/White or Sable/White (Dog or Bitch)
1st: Pyatshaw Murphy Law
2nd: Domhnull Copy Deadline
3rd: Pinelan Little Toff at Longcrags
Res: Mmaringay Merry Rascal