Ch Inixia Artful Andrew

Copyright: Hartley

Date of Birth:  9th January 1991
Sex:  Dog
Colour:  Black & White
Breed Type: Papillon

Breeder:  Mrs Sue Stanbury
Owner: Mrs Sue Stanbury


Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)

Inixia Artful Adam Zarrella Teddy Edward At Inixia Inixia Merry Musketeer
Hey Look That's Me at Norstar
Inixia Artful Annie Palmosa Toshka at Inixia
Inixia Final Fling
Lindendale Carnival
Ch Alcala Zaidoon
Ch Caswell Gay Contender
Alcala Mahogany
Darlyn Little Pam Cavlon Simply Super
Rachel of Melchester