Ch Inixia Dreams Magic

Copyright: Sue Stanbury

Date of Birth:  8th November 2002
Sex:  Dog
Colour:  Black & White
Breed Type: Papillon

Breeder:  Mrs Sue Stanbury
Owner: Mesdames S Stanbury & M Unwin


Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)

Inixia Hugo's There Inixia Party Pooper Inixia Artful Adam
Jadedoren Let's Party To Inixia
Azinghar Perfect Bliss at Inixia Azinghar Jet Propelled
Jadedoren Mythical Moment
Inixia Sweet Dream Chersya Sweet Rupert At Inixia
Ch Inixia Artful Andrew
Tumbelfli Sweet Leaf
Inixia Rossacre So Be It
Ch Inixia Stylish Stan
Inixia Glyncae Wicked Wendy