Ch Temelora Sun Dancer at Hollrexia, JW, ShCm

Copyright: Pauline Dembiniok

Date of Birth:  20th March 2006
Sex:  Bitch
Colour:  Red, Sable & White
Breed Type: Papillon

Breeder:  Mesdames S Morrell & T Teague
Owner: Mike and Pauline Dembiniok


Pedigree (correct to the best of our knowledge)

Am Ch Temelora Wallace
Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
Serenglade Sakime
Lindendale Louise
Serenglade Simallah for Temelora Serenglade Sator
Serenglade Sweet Jasmin
Serenglade Shadow Dancer for Temelora Kingshaven Rooney at Serenglade Ringlands Rupert
Lordsrake Whispering Dreams at Kingshaven
Snowlord La Bamba at Serenglade Serenglade Solitaire
Pilipalas Minuet