Harrowgate & District Canine Society Open Show 2015

19th July 2015
Papillon Judge: Mr Rodney Oldham

Best of Breed: (Kirk) Kirkchase Danger Mouse
Best Puppy: (Moss) Zoloto Lord Bossy Boots of Delphlands

Junior (5 entries, 1 abs)
1st (Kirk) Kirkchase Danger Mouse, attractive upstanding tri of 15m, liked his head and ears which were well fringed and set about right, definite stop, super dark eye and fine muzzle, decent neck and shoulder, ribs coming, good topline and high set tail, moves out with purpose, BOB.
2nd (Moss) Zoloto Lord Bossy Boots of Delphlands, BP.
3rd (Ramsey & Mowatt) Iotastar’s Moment In Time.

Post Graduate (3 entries, 1 abs)
1st (Kirk) Kirkchase Dare To Dream, attractive tri b, not to sure of herself on the table but came into herown back on the floor, head well laid out with super fringing coming, scores in neck and topline, high set tail, free true mover, just needs a bit more practice.
2nd Jessop Collness Rumourasit.

Open (3 entries, 1 abs)
1st (Ramsey & Mowatt Farthinghall’s) Foxy Lady of Iotastar, this red and white scored in fringes apart from her sound construction, super eye of good shape and well set, good for neck, topline and tailset, quality coat and presentation, moved out true.
2nd (Moss) Lafford Fly The Flag for Delphlands .