Lincoln Canine Society Open Show 2016

04 December 2016
Papillon Judge: Petula Humphrey (Gloynbyw)

BOB Mr B & Mrs J Wiggins Rozamie Pierre
BPIB Mrs G A Geary Taliesyn Black Walnut

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this wonderful breed, my steward for running the ring so well, and the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs. All exhibits were turned out well, were well behaved and were a joy to judge. My decision for Best of Breed was not easy to make and on another day any one of the exhibits could have won.

My thanks to the exhibitors for allowing me the honour of judging their dogs. Standard was very high and BOB decision very close

Puppy 4:1
1st Mrs G A Geary Taliesyn Wild Tansey 8 month red and white bitch well presented. Correct skull, finely pointed muzzle, accentuating well defined stop. Dark eyes with dark rims. Ears large and mobile with fringing starting to develop. Good length of neck into well- developed sloping shoulders. Correct body. Good turn of stifle. Tail reasonably set and will fall better once fully furnished. Moved lightly, positively and without restriction.
2nd Mrs P Davidson Cintarshe Red Amethyst 11 month red and white bitch with good head and skull. Slightly longer in neck than 1st and longer in back. Tail nicely set and heavily plumed. Good coat. Moved positively
3rd Mrs E Sanderson Classy Prince Charming 6 month red sable and white dog. Heavier set than 1st or 2nd with less finely pointed muzzle. Coat yet to develop but at present looks a little thick and wavy. Tail set on high. Moved well.

Junior 6:0
1st Waller & Maskell Sarahmah Midsummers Dream 17 month black and white dog in full coat and well presented. Having previously judged his sire it was easy to recognise his qualities. Correct head and skull with very well set ears which are beautifully fringed. Correct length of neck into well- developed sloping shoulders. Wonderful length of back, slightly arched belly. Tail well set, fully plumed and carried correctly at all times. Light, free positive movement.
2nd Mrs J Wiggins Rozamie Monsieur Arthur For Scapafield 14 month red sable and white dog. Dainty and well balanced. Lovely head with very alert expression. In good coat. Very large, mobile ears which were well used and very well set. Needs a little more body to complete. Moved positively.
3rd Maskell & Waller Sarahmah Mayan Daydream Kazkell 17 month tri bitch, litter sister to 1st. Has the look of her sire but slightly smaller. Very well presented in excellent coat and condition. Sweet expression . Moved soundly. Lost out for higher placing as didn’t maintain level topline standing.
Res Mrs G A Geary Taliesyn Black Walnut 8 month tri dog who caught my eye. Shown in Junior and placed 4th, is litter brother to 1st in Puppy. Dainty, well balanced with a very pleasing head. Correct fore and hindquarters. Lovely tail set already being carried over back. Fringing on ears starting to develop. Wonderful alert expression. One to watch for the future.
VHC Mrs P Davidson Cintarshe Red Peri

Post Grad 5:2
1st Waller & Maskell Kazkell Theme For A Dream For Lilnrose JW 19 month bitch in excellent coat and condition. Dainty and well balanced. Wonderful head and skull with finely pointed muzzle, accentuating a well -defined stop. Ears ideally set, large and mobile. Correct neck into sloping shoulders. Good body, turn of stifle and tail set. Moved freely and positively. Pushed hard for BOB.
2nd Mrs G A Geary Taliesyn Travellers Joy 17 month black and white bitch. Another dainty and well balanced exhibit in very good coat. Good head and ears which were well set. Good body and hindquarters with good tail set. Moved well.
3rd Mrs J Allsop Jalatemmes Lah De Dah JW year red and white dog with a very sweet expression. Smaller and more compact than 1st or 2nd but well proportioned. Similar size to his sire who I have judged previously. Lacked the coat of 1st and 2nd. Tail set could be better. Moved well

Open 7:2
1st Mr B & Mrs J Wiggins Rozamie Pierre 2½ year red sable and white dog who caught the eye. Has the most fantastic head with great expression. Large mobile ears with superb fringing. Dainty, well balanced and very alert. Lovely neck, well developed sloping shoulders. Correct forequarters. Fairly long body and ideally needs a little more to complete the picture. Excellent tail set. Moved so lightly and freely.
2nd Mrs K & Mr S Maskell Kazkell Robin The Limelight JW 20 month red and white dog shown in excellent coat and condition. Have judged him previously and he has blossomed since. On another day with his closeness to standard he will continue to win. Just unlucky to come up against 1st.
3rd Mrs G A Geary Powdermill Designer Touch At Taliesyn Rising 4 year red sable and white dog in good coat and condition. Good head and skull, with head more solid than 1st or 2nd. Good body and tail well set. Moved freely. Sire of BPIB
Res Mrs P Davidson Johnasta Red Admiral Of Cintarshe
VHC Miss L L Allsop Fall In Love With Me Perłowy Raj Jalatemmes TAF