Papillon Club of Scotland Open Show 2016

03 December 2016

Judge: Michele Buss

I would like to thank the officers & Committee for inviting me to Judge my First Breed Club Open Show & the Exhibitors for my lovely entry

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5:1)
1st Smith. CH Papplewick Pretty in Pink at Adinaken JW SHCM. 7½ year R/S/W Bitch with the most amazing large heavily fringed ears, this girl belies her age, has lovely symmetrical head markings with low set medium dark eyes with the sweetest expression, good mouth with tight thin lips, good reach of neck leading onto a good lay back of shoulder, short coupled with a good topline held on the move with a really nice jug handled tail set, nice single silky coat & lovely hair feet, in the challenge I could not deny her Best Bitch, RBIS & Best Veteran.
2nd Nolan. Abbeyton Here we go Again for Loerburn, 9 year S/W dog that I have long admired, full of himself, lovely Head with large fringed ears, nice shoulder placement & good angulations, good teeth & a nice tail set.
3rd Macgregor. Meerwings the Swallow Tail by Pyatshaw.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st Urwin/Whitehill. Paparottsie Heart Beats at Amicae. 6 month B/W with oodles of confidence, lovely shape & size, nice head with good markings, looked a picture on the move keeping a good level topline, bit high stepping at the moment but should settle, nice reach of neck & a lovely tail set, pushed hard for BPD.
2nd Hill. Caraideas Spelman, 7 month S/W with a lovely compact body, nice head with good stop, good angulations and a lovely mover.
3rd Keirnan. Northlyte Lightening Storm.

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Dreamer. Bankshill Mark my Word its Zac. 9 month B/W, what a lovely boy, the sweetest of expressions with a lovely round dark eye, lovely well fringed ears with nice rounded tips, nice silky coat & a lovely jug handled tail set with a good plume. He moved out with confidence covering the ground with ease, nice and straight both coming and going. In the challenge my eye was drawn to him time and time again. My BPIS, well done.
2nd Patrick. Volpecula Handsome is, 10 month B/W he certainly lives up to his name, a very stylish and handsome boy, good head, topline and tail set .

Junior Dog (3)
1st Whitehill, Amicae Hugs & Kisses, 13 month Tri, lovely lively boy, full of himself, lovely head with a good stop, large fringed ears, single silky coat with a good tail carriage, good angulations, moved out with confidence.
2nd Davidson, Rozamie Roberto, 18 month B/W good topline with nice head, good dentition and nice silky coat, not as settled on the move as my winner.
3rd Hill, Caraideas Orpheus.

Maiden Dog (2:1)
1st Patrick, Volpecula The Early Bird, 11 month Tri, what a pretty boy, everything in the right place with a lovely coat, good angulation, lovely expression but a bit reluctant to move well on the day.

Novice Dog (1:1)

Post Graduate Dog (6:1)
1st Anderson, Northlyte Genesis, 2 year Tri, a very sound dog with a lovely firm topline, good tailset, well fringed large ears, nice single silky coat and an excellent mover, covering the ground with ease.
2nd Hatch, Amicia Call me Bad at Macstrak, 3 year Tri, I see he is a son of my LD winner and is a lot like him, nice head with a good stop, good dentition with nice tight thin lips, good pigment and a lovely coat.
3rd Power, Powerforce Chasing Rainbows.

LD (4)
1st Hatch, Macstrak Jack Daniels, 4 ½ year B/W, Really liked this boy, up to size but everything in correct proportions, a really nice head with good symmetrical markings with a very good well defined stop, nice heavily fringed ears with a medium reach of neck leading onto well laid back shoulder placement, good topline kept on the move with a lovely tailset and plume, he pushed hard for BD but had to settle for RBD.
2nd Anderson, Northlyte Cyclone, 4 year Tri, nice dog with lovely movement, would prefer a silky coat but he had good topline and was true coming and going.
3rd Patrick, Volpecula Tammienorrie Suniren

Open Dog (4:1)
1st Anderson/Combrie Bryant, Frasermar Storm in the Snow. 2 ½ year Tri. My Star of the day. A most Beautiful Head with lovely symmetrical face markings, wonderful large well fringed ears set at 45 degrees, a really nice single silky abundant coat with good angulation both fore and aft, with well turned stifles and an excellent topline kept on the move. Nice deep chest with a good spring of rib, good strong but fine bone with nice hair feet, he floated round the ring with a lovely light easy action, to finish the picture I would have preferred a slightly higher tail set, but he has a really good plume and to my mind this boy should be in the tickets, BIS and good luck for the future.
2nd Smith, Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken SHCM. 3 ½ year S/W, A younger brother to my RBIS, a true likeness as well, Very large heavily fringed ears, nice compact body with a good silky coat, lovely head markings, but not quite the movement of my winner.
3rd Cochrane, Tutyak Get up & Go.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Hill, Caraideas Rhapsody in Blue. 6 month S/W, a nice petite girl with plenty of confidence for one so young, very good head markings, nice angulations. level topline & a very good mover. BPB
2nd Kurzawa, The Princess Angel Laurettisza. 8 month S/W nice girl enjoying her day out.

Puppy Bitch (1)
1st Dreamer, Bankshill Creme Cracker. 9 months S/W very nicely put together, stood 4 square with a nice reach of neck and good tail set, nice deep chest with good turn of stifle, pretty head & good mover.

Junior Bitch (3)
1st Hill, Caraideas Hope. 16 month S/W. A perfectly put together pocket rocket. Beautiful headpiece with a good mouth, a very sweet expression. Lovely coat and good jug handled tailset, very petite but could have happily taken her home.
2nd Mandelson, Maridova Victorias Dream at Honrukai (imp) 15 month Tri with a good shape & high set tail with a nice silky coat, nice head markings but would have liked a bit more of a stop but nevertheless a nice honest Bitch.
3rd Bradford, Wild Child

Maiden Bitch (2)
1st Johnston, Dourhu Rosa is Red, 23 month S/W petite girl with a nice coat & good tail set, ears a little on the small side but a nice head, when she settled her movement was good.
2nd Whitehill, Rozamie Madame Marcelle. 14 month R/S/W with good earset and nice fringing, a bit out of coat

Novice Bitch (2:1)
1st Johnston, Dourhu Capercaille. 2 year B/W, very attentive to owner/handler. Had a good head with a nice stop, good tail set and plume & a nice silky coat.

Post Graduate Bitch (3:1)
1st Joyce, Calajoy Simply Ava, 3 ½ year B/W. Really liked this girl, lovely head with a good pencil blaze, good stop, nice strong bite, beautiful large well fringed ears set at correct angle, lovely coat with a nice high set tail and a good plume. Good mover keeping a nice level topline.
2nd Mandleson, Maridova Victorias Dream at Honrukai ( imp) 2nd in JB

LB (4:1)
1st Nolan, Loerburn Cosmic Angel. 3 ½ year R/W with a good head muzzle ratio, nice symmetrical blaze, well set ears with plenty of fringing and nice rounded tips, moved out well keeping a good level topline.
2nd Hill, Caraides True Colours, 2 year Tri, A little out of coat today, quite a petite girl with a solid head, but moved out well covering the ground with ease.
3rd McCrindle, Kazzlyn Rainbow Rose

Open Bitch (5:1)
1st Dreamer, Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill, 3 year R/W, Beautiful large well fringed ears, lovely head markings with good dentition, good reach of neck on to well laid back shoulder, nice deep chest, good spring of rib, very nice tail set with good plume & nice single silky coat, moved out with purpose, RBB and hoping she soon acquires her third magic ticket. a worthy winner.
2nd Macgregor, Craigaber Timewatch JW, 7 years young Tri, she certainly enjoyed her time in the spotlight, barked all the way round, lovely coat & nice tail set with a good topline kept on the move.
3rd Smith, Adinaken Pretty Puzzled.

Special Bitch (1)
1st Kurzawa, The Princess Angel Laurettisza, 8 month S/W enjoying her day out, moved ok.

Special B/W or Tri (5:2)
1st Mandleson, Mardova Victorias Dream at Honrukai (imp) This bitch was 2nd in JB and 2nd in PG but a lovely girl.
2nd Smith, Adinaken Pretty Puzzled, 3rd in OB, 4½ years B/W who has a lovely coat with good movement.
3rd Kurzawa, The Princess Angel Laurettisza.

Special R/W L/W S/W (2:1)
1st Power, Powerforce Chasin Rainbows, 2 year Dog, 3rd in PG, had a nice silky coat & moved ok.