Manchester Championship Show 2001

11 February 2001
Papillon Judge: Mr J Simpson

Best of Breed: Ch Tussalud Story Teller
Best Puppy: Genevieves Flirtie Bertie

Dog CC: Ch Tussalud Story Teller
Res.Dog CC: Sunshoo Imaknight Errant of Barallen
Bitch CC: Ch Tijuana Tiller Girl
Res.Bitch CC: Daneview Dainty Lucia

Minor Puppy Dog ( 5 )
1st Brentville The Entertainer at Tussalud
2nd Barallan Knight of the Relm
3rd Abbeyton Tiger Bay
4th Novastar Red Shift
5th Dacfolke Lucky Star

Puppy Dog ( 11 )
1st Genevieves Flirtie Bertie
2nd Pinelan Adonis at Northlyte
3rd Tinklebury Here’s George
4th Rayol Wolverine
5th Geanzger Avon Prince at Jaylanjay

Junior Dog (9)
1st Murvagh High Cascade
2nd Sunshoo Imacaptain Scarlet
3rd Graycaz Green Is Envy
4th Volpino Total Eclipse at Omaonae
5th Ablazzor I’m Magic for Delphlands

Special Yearling Dog (6 )
1st Rimzim Orlando Graycaz
2nd Ringlands Magician
3rd Tykkydewas Twylytedancer
4th Inixia So Be It for Elendil
5th Ablazzor I’m Magic for Delphlands

Post Graduate Dog (10 )
1st Sunshoo Imascarlet Encore
2nd Ringlands Magician
3rd Glasafon Trade Secret
4th Serenglade Solomon for Temelora
5th Glasafon Ben Hur at Beausher

Limit Dog (12 )
1st Sunshoo Imaknight Errant of Barallen
2nd Sunshoo Imaknight Crusader at Daneview
3rd Serenglade Silvaron to Prestella
4th Wendycoes Charlie Boy
5th Giverny Magic Story at Lorah’s

Open Dog ( 8)
1st Ch Tussalud Story Teller
2nd Ch Martika What’s The Story
3rd Ch Tijuana Minstrel
4th Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora
5th Ch Kingshaven Principal Boy at Gleniren

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 4)
1st Brentville Orange Blossom
2nd Aporia Secret Love
3rd Shazzabars Petite Danseuse
4th Pilipalas Magic Flute

Puppy Bitch (8 )
1st Graycaz Kissmie
2nd Pinelan Amaryllis
3rd Rayol Chrystobel
4th Tijuana Chanson De Mai
5th Graycaz Sosueme Amicae

Junior Bitch (10 )
1st Daneview Dainty Roxanne at Sunshoo
2nd Chappell Calamity Jane
3rd Leevick Moondust
4th Longcrags Lucianna at Kirkchase
5th Rimzim Kiera

Special Yearling Bitch ( 4)
1st Volpecula Eye Candy
2nd Elendil Peri
3rd Tijuana Esperit De Mai
4th Melangel Carrianne

Post Graduate Bitch (6 )
1st Rayol Leilante
2nd Glasafon Fantasy of Jhanakia
3rd Domhnull Copy Deadline
4th Tonring Naughty But Nice
5th Burbridge Olympic Gold at Christea

Limit Bitch ( 8)
1st Wings of Song for Volpecula
2nd Lynflyer Perfect Lady
3rd Blairncoes Misses Iffis at Tinklebury
4th Longcrags Sassie Dannsa
5th Longcrags Cool Breeze at Kirkchase

Open Bitch (5 )
1st Ch Tijuana Tiller Girl
2nd Daneview Danity Lucia
3rd Northlyte Morning Mist
4th Amicae Princess Leia
5th Rixbury Queen in Amber Shimna