Northern and Eastern Counties Papillon Club Championship Show 2005

06 November 2005

Dogs: Mrs A Bruce-Jackson (Tijuana)
Bitches: Mr R Chaston (Bricklands)
Referee: Mr J Simpson (Penang)


DCC Ch Queen Bless JP Red Ideal
RDCC Macstrak Minuet JW
BCC Tijuana Victoria
RBCC Ch Gleniren Starlight Kisses
BPB Tijuana Victoria
BPD Frasermar Jack Frost

Minor Puppy Dog (6)
1st Frasermar Jack Frost
2nd Kingshaven Wonderman
3rd Calajoy Robbie Macfluff
Res Frasermar Snowdrift
VHC Omaonaig Storm Bird

Puppy Dog (6)
1st Amicae Hide and Seek
2nd Tinklebury the Fusillier
3rd Tykkydewas Santa’s Gift to Inixia
Res Kirkchase Loved Regardless by Papplewick
VHC Harleysyke Bobby Dazzler

Junior Dog (14)
1st Inixia Time Bomb
2nd Adnamashan Kiss n Tell
3rd Beverston Trias You Like It
Res Diquest Fairy Edition of Julesville
VHC Tutyak Willie Wonka

Maiden Dog (4)
1st Temelora Storm Petrel
2nd Omaonaig Fire Bird
3rd Harlesyke Wishes Come True of Swifthock’s

Novice Dog (8)
1st Tinklebury Glenbogle
2nd Storm Petrel
3rd Sunshoo Imawhite Diamond at Belvane
Res Elendil Tobermory
VHC Invergarick Make-no-Mistake

Graduate Dog (6)
1st Blairancoes Merrygoround of Delphlands
2nd Inixia Time Out
3rd Jaroma the Highlander
Res Tawzan The Pickpocket at Tussalud
VHC Dolcissimo Just a Flirst

Post Graduate Dog (11)
1st Volpecula Vanity’s Mirror
2nd Rayol Aristotles
3rd Crown Jewel
Res Shevid Lyric
VHC Sharjoy Dream of Destiny

Limit Dog (10)
1st Macstrak Minuet JW Sh CM
2nd Beausher Ura Little Star at Shazzabars
3rd Jhanakia Royal Highlander
Res Inixia Wily Willum
VHC Bankshill Isle of Lewis ShCM

Open Dog (11)
1st Ch Queen Bless JP Red Ideal
2nd Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller
3rd Ch & IR Ch Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons
Res Jhanakia Oliver’s Story
VHC Frazermar Blizzard

Special Beginners Dog (7)
1st Harlesyke Wishes Come True of Swifthock’s
2nd Rosenjon Gucci by Design
3rd Cofton Flite of the Phonix to Inixia
Res Christea Maybe This Thyme for Delphlands
VHC Blairancoes Llamados of Delphlands

Special Phalene Open Dog (1)
1st Pepeke At Arthurs Court

Veteran Open Dog (1)
1st Omaonaig Polar Sun

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st Gennasus Make Believe
2nd Frasermar Snowbird Volpecula
3rd Calajoy April Promise
Res Invergarick Genevieve

Puppy Bitch (12)
1st Tijuana Victoria
2nd Dot It
3rd Tinklebury Little Missey
Res Harlesyke Ruby Teardrop
VHC Careless Whisper at Adnamashan

Junior Bitch (10)
1st Ch Gleniren Starlight Kisses
2nd Moderm Milly
3rd Abbeyton Summer Sun
Res Tussalud Mine She’s Mine
VHC Harriet Victoria Melangel

Maiden Bitch (2)
1st Elendil Amaryllis
2nd Rayol Aisling

Novice Bitch (2)
1st Glasafon Winter Magic of Swifthock’s
2nd Danginifee Madonna at Penang

Graduate Bitch (9)
1st Sharjoy Melting Moment
2nd Graycaz All That Glitters of Gladwill
3rd Elendil Dark Opal
Res Kirkchase Razzle Dazzle
VHC Rayol Circe

Post Graduate Bitch (8)
1st Amicae Spirit
2nd Christea Madam Butterfly
3rd Fortglen Shadow Dancer
Res Pamhurst Shes a Lady
VHC Lysandra Zxanna

Limit Bitch (15)
1st Amicae Startime
2nd Longcraggs Lucianna at Kirkchase
3rd Jaroma Highland Whisper at Jhanakia
Res Graycaz Tongue in Cheek with Skyvana
VHC Wee Lucy of Adinaken

Open Bitch (17)
1st Ch Gleniren Scarlet Signature
2nd Farleysbane Unsung Melody at Kingshaven
3rd Ibstock Tululah for Spinillons
Res Tussalud Cruella de Ville
VHC Kirkchase Bewished

Special Beginners Bitch (4)
1st Glasafon Winter Magic of Swifthock’s
2nd Danginifee Madonna at Penang
3rd Rosenjon Pride ‘n’ Joy
Res Lysandra Tanyo Tenica

Special Phalene Open Bitch (0)

Veteran Open Bitch (1)
1st Longcraggs Sassie Dannsa

Junior Handling, 6-11 (3)
1st Rebecca Thompson (10)
2nd Reece Hine (10)
3rd Callum Thornton (6)

Junior Handling, 12-16 (6)
1st Claire Butler (13)
2nd Amy Mason (12)
3rd Stevie Turner (15)
Res Amy-Ruth Taylor (14)
VHC Zoe Utley (12)