Papillon Club Of Scotland Winter Open Show 2005

27 November 2005
Judge: Ms Astrid Ogilvie (Pakov)


Best Dog Adnamashan Kiss And Tell
Res. Best Dog Macstrak Classic Jazz
Best Bitch Tijuana Victoria
Res. Best Bitch Tijuana Georgio

Veteran Dog or Bitch (10)
1st Corralyn Tartan Toorie (Hill)
2nd Pyatshsaw White Heat (MacGregor)
3rd Longcrags Sassie Dannsa (MacDonald)
Res Ch Volpecula Flos Campi (Patrick)

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
1st Frasermar Jack Frost (Whithill)
2nd Frasermar Snowdrift (Comrie-Bryant)
3rd Lordenbyn Macadamian King (Moir)

Puppy Dog (5)
1st Amicae Hide And Seek (Leiper)
2nd Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Joyce)
3rd Pamhurst Whisper At Adnamashan (Skelton)
Res Northlyte That’s Ma Lot (Carson)

Junior Dog (3)
1st Sharjoy Regency Buck (Finlayson)
2nd Abbeyton Sunshine Boy (Fraser)
3rd Pamhurst He’s A Star (Taylor)

Maiden Dog (3)
1st Northlyte That’s Ma Lot (Carson)
2nd Tijuana Superman (Bruce & Bruce-Jackson)
3rd Lordenbyn Macadamian King (Moir)

Novice Dog (4)
1st Tutyak Willie Wonka (Cochrane)
2nd Pamhurst He`S A Star (Taylor)
3rd Abbeyton Sunshine Boy (Fraser)
Res Raceburn Rigsby At Brollyanna (Walker)

Post Graduate Dog (6)
1st Adnamashan Kiss And Tell (Skelton)
2nd Sharjoy Dream Of Destiny (Finlayson)
3rd Volpecula Vanity Mirror (Patrick)
Res Adinaken Wendy`S Whizz (Wilson)

Limit Dog (6 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Macstrak Classic Jazz (Bruce & Bruce-Jackson)
2nd Volpecula Art Deco (Patrick)
3rd Northlyte Star Appeal For Pamhurst (Taylor)
Res Meerwings Blowin In The Wind (Lee)

Open Dog (6 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Abbeyton Silver Rain (Savage)
2nd Pyatshaw White Heat
3rd Mister Percival Of Adinaken (Smith)
Res Tijuana Melody Maker (Bruce & Bruce-Jackson)

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)
1st Frasermar Snowbird Volpecula (Patrick)
2nd Calajoy April Promise (Joyce)
3rd Ibstock Mark Of Mystique (Ayris)

Puppy Bitch (7)
1st Careless Whisper At Adnamashan (Skelton)
2nd Gennasus Make Believe (Gray)
3rd Calajoy Ebony As Winter (Joyce)
Res Pamhurst Secret Whisper At Northlyte (Anderson)

Junior Bitch (7 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Tijuana Victoria (Cochrane)
2nd Abbeyton Summer Sun (Savage)
3rd Longcrags Past And Present (Davidson)
Res Carrolryan Isla Clola At Brollyanna (Walker)

Maiden Bitch (1)
1st Raceburn Sweet Breeze (Lee)

Novice Bitch (3)
1st Pamhurst Little Devil (Taylor)
2nd Tijuana Touch Of Luck (Bruce & Bruce-Jackson)
3rd Longcrags Past And Present

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries, 2 absent)
1st Pamhurst Lucky Devil (Taylor)
2nd Sharjoy Melting Moment (Finlayson)
3rd Corralyn Jaemie Jitterbug (Hill)
Res Winterwings Pretty Woman (Reid)

Limit Bitch (9 Entries, 4 absent)
1st Caraideas Mirror Image (Hill)
2nd Fortglen S Hadow Dancer (MacDonald)
3rd Pamhurst She`S A Lady (Taylor)
Res Farleysbane Fudge Delight (Bradford)

Open Bitch (8)
1st Tijuana Georgio (Bruce & Bruce-Jackson)
2nd Wee Lucy Of Adinaken (Smith)
3rd Pyatshaw Silvervtassie (MacGregor)
Res Jaylanjay Amalady

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (2)
1st Northlyte That’s Ma Lot
2nd Almost An Angel (Raceburn)

Special BW or Tri Dog or Bitch (5 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Jaylanjay Amalady
2nd Adinaken Wendy`S Whizz (Wilson)
3rd Meerwings Blowin` In The Wind
Res Winterwings Pretty Woman

Special RW, SW, LW Dog or Bitch(3 Entries, 1 absent)
1st Abbeyton Sunshine Boy
2nd Skyraider At Carrolryan (Montgomery)