Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Championship Show 2022

16 April 2022

Today’s entry is 134 dogs making 144 entries, plus 1 NFC and 7 Puppy Walk.

Dogs: Carol Lees (Lafford)
Bitches: Liz Bartram (Burghbridge)
Referee: Mr Joe Magri (Rozamie)

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Best in Show: Ch Feorlig Smart Cookie JW (Miss K F Miller & Mr E L Ryan)
Res. Best in Show: Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows (Mr M G & Mrs E Davidson)
Best Opposite Sex: Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows (Mr M G & Mrs E Davidson)
Best Puppy in Show: Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Res. Best Puppy in Show: Manawdyddan to a Wild Rose (M L L & E Anne Griffiths)
Best Veteran in Show: Melangel Highland Vogue at Jhanakia (Jane Thompson & Sandra Austin)
Best Phalene in Show: Serenglade Leap of Faith for Temelora (Mrs S Morrell)

Dog CC: Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows (Mr M G & Mrs E Davidson)
Res. Dog CC: Magic Sunrise Brigand with Burghbride (Imp Lva) (Lindsay Slater)
Best Puppy Dog: Ookimimi Quest for Gold (Miss Jenny Goude)
Bitch CC: Ch Feorlig Smart Cookie JW (Miss K F Miller & Mr E L Ryan)
Res. Bitch CC: Suniren Daddy’s Girl Gleniren (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Best Puppy Bitch: Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)

Minor Puppy Dog (7 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Ookimimi Quest for Gold (Miss Jenny Goude)
2nd: Amicae Mr Chips (Mrs M Whitehill)
3rd: Northlyte Caledonia (Mrs L Anderson, K Anderson & Mr P Keirnan)
Res: Glendian Blake at Wilachans (Jacqueline Green & Carl Cooper)
VHC: Amdo’s Loki (Christopher Whitehead)

Puppy Dog (9 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Skyvana Catch me at Jhanakia (Jane Thompson & Sandra Austin)
2nd: Nightfire’s be Unique in Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu) (Miss S Orchard)
3rd: Northlyte Ring of Brodgar (Mrs L Anderson, K Anderson & Mr P Keirnan)
Res: Sempedidelis Fantastique (Irene Buckley-Waters & Lord Buckley)
VHC: Wilachans Codie (Carl Cooper)

Junior Dog Dog (3 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Elmaraine Remy Martin at Carrollryan (Mrs C Montgomery)
2nd: Blackpark Bastille (Mr G & Mrs C Urquhart)
3rd: Bankshill Isle of Arran (Susannah Chalmers)

Yearling Dog (5 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: Pappretty Grt Expectations (Christine Anderson)
2nd: Stagedoor Supertramp (Mr M & Mrs G Elding)
3rd: Purepixie Red Admiral (Helen Walsh)
Res: Wilachans Goblin King (Jacqueline Green & Carl Cooper)

Novice Dog (5 entries, 1 withdrawal)
1st: Tonkory Stormin Norman to Ringland (Mrs Pat Munn)
2nd: Farthinghall Filly’s Favour (Mrs Kat Milroy)
3rd: Blackpark Bastille (Mr G & Mrs C Urquhart)
Res: Ookiimimi Overboard (Mo Bruce)

Graduate Dog (4 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Ookiimimi Overboard (Mo Bruce)
2nd: Nightfire’s be Unique in Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu) (Miss S Orchard)
3rd: Elfuago Dfor (Miss K McGrath)

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Magic Sunrise Brigand with Burghbride (Imp Lva) (Lindsay Slater)
2nd: Wilachans Rebel Rebel (Jacqueline Green & Carl Cooper)
3rd: Inixia Tailer Made for Brandonburg (Mdms S Glanville-Hughes & S Stanbury)
Res: Elendil Crusader (Mrs A C & Ms E G N Borg)

Limit Dog (11 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows (Mr M G & Mrs E Davidson)
2nd: Baillion Black Obsidian for Zizula (Lindsay Slater)
3rd: Yeldaeh Simply Red (Mr T R & Mrs C Headley)
Res: Manawdyddan Harryhare (M L L & E Anne Griffiths)
VHC: Oliver Twist (Jean Ockenden)

Open Dog (11 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Amicae Master of Arts(Mrs M Whitehill)
2nd: Ch Ringlands Timeless Gift (Mrs Pat Munn)
3rd: Ch Gleniren Who’s your Daddy (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Res: Ch Feorlig it Must’ve Been Love (David & Hazel Malcolm)
VHC: Altaya Star Attraction (Ms K & Mrs A Bull)

Veteran Dog Dog (7 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Melangel Highland Vogue at Jhanakia (Jane Thompson & Sandra Austin)
2nd: Farthinghall’s New Touch at Angullyon (Mrs J & Miss L Walklett)
3rd: Conysluck Master Pip (Connie Letch)
Res: Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn (Gill Geary)
VHC: Petitchiens Moon Beam VW (David & Hazel Malcolm)

Open Phalene Dog (1 entry, 0 absent)
1st: Serenglade Leap of Faith for Temelora (Mrs S Morrell)

Minor Puppy Bitch (7 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
2nd: Amicae Belle of the Ball (Mrs M Whitehill)
3rd: Wilachans Bindie (Carl Cooper)
Res: Panspayon Natasha (Miss S Orchard)
VHC: Ookiimimi Quicksilver (Jackie Nash)

Puppy Bitch (7 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Manawdyddan to a Wild Rose (M L L & E Anne Griffiths)
2nd: Pappretty Georgy Girl (Christine Anderson)
3rd: Panspayon Northern Lights (Miss S Orchard)
Res: Elmaraine Whispering Star over Northlyte (Mrs L Anderson, K Anderson & Mr P Keirnan)
VHC: Sempefidelis Felicity for Vlinder (Mrs Alison & Mr Atkins)

Junior Bitch (7 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Graycaz Pap Reeka (Mrs C Lee-Slater)
2nd: Lilacrose Touch of Talent (Karen Diprose)
3rd: Lilacrose Magic Mya (Shireen Last)
Res: Taliesyn Canterbury Bells (Gill Geary)
VHC: Keomandi Cherry Blowwom Fay (Mandy Keown)

Yearling Bitch (3 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Purepixie Lucy with Diamond (Katharine Wykes)
2nd: Magic Sunrise Natalie (Imp Lva) (NAF) (Mrs C Lee-Slater)
3rd: Lilacrose Magic Mya (Shireen Last)

Novice Bitch (8 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Stagedoor Souffle (Mrs J Scovell)
2nd: Graycaz Oh La La (Mrs C Lee-Slater)
3rd: Lilacrose Touch of Talent (Karen Diprose)
Res: Ookiimimi Pirquette (Jackie Nash)
VHC: Farthinghall’s Enigma for Angullyon (Mrs J & Miss L Walklett)

Graduate Bitch (6 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Feorlig Say it with Flowers (Miss K F Miller & Mr E L Ryan)
2nd: Berestead Belle Epoque Manawdyddan (M L L & E Anne Griffiths)
3rd: Taliesyn Black Azalea (Gill Geary)
Res: Angullyon’s Secret Delight (Mrs J & Miss L Walklett)
VHC: Wilachans Pixie (Carl Cooper)

Post Graduate Bitch (9entries, 5 absent)
1st: Chrysalis Starr of the Storm (Ms K & Mrs A Bull)
2nd: Wilachans Bo (Carl Cooper)
3rd: Taliesyn Floribunda of Brandonburg (Sylvia Glanville-Hughes)
Res: Wilachans and the Ivy for Keomandi (Mandy Keown)

Limit Bitch (11 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Berestead Haute Couture (Angela Matthews)
2nd: Briar Rose for Ringland (Lt Cdr BDC & Mrs PA Cox)
3rd: Yeldaeh Lady in Red (Mr T R & Mrs C Headley)
Res: Wilachans Jasmine (Carl Cooper)
VHC: Afterglow Gooseberry with Ookiimimi (Jackie Nash)

Open Bitch (11 entries, 1 absent)
1st: Ch Feorlig Smart Cookie JW (Miss K F Miller & Mr E L Ryan)
2nd: Suniren Daddy’s Girl Gleniren (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
3rd: Ch Tricianbri Tuppence a Kiss JW SHCM (Lt Cdr BDC & Mrs PA Cox)
Res: Ch Panspayon Jewel of the Nile (Miss S Orchard)
VHC: Johnasta Georgia for Temelora (Mrs S Morrell)

Veteran Bitch (9 entries, 2 absent)
1st: Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon SHCM SHCEX VW (Miss S Orchard)
2nd: Ch Petress Dark and Daring (Mrs A C & Ms E G N Borg)
3rd: Ch Jorgealin Moon Magic SHCM (Mandy Keown)
Res: Metamorphic Opal at Sempefidelis (Lord Buckley & Irene Buckley-Waters)
VHC: Ookiimimi Calamity Kate (Jackie Nash)

Open Phalene Bitch (1 entries, 0 absent)
1st: Ir Ch Temelora Adele (Mrs S Morrell)



Thank you to the Club for inviting me to judge males at the Championship show.

I have to say that since I last judged Papillons shoulders have improved although there are a number of other things still to improve. I feel that muzzles are becoming shorter and more blunt, totally wrong for the breed and tends to give a wrong look for the breed. In conjunction with that comes a shorter neck and combined with this a shorter leg making the dogs appear longer in back and unbalanced. They should ‘appear’ longer, not actually be longer!

A few had the wrong coat which must be single coated and no sign of trimming. Imagine my surprise to find one with a shaved and painted face!

Never forget the first line of the breed standard says ‘Dainty, well balanced little dog’ – some examples are losing this definition.

I and my co-judge Liz Bartram both chose Ch Feorlig Smart Cookie for BIS – a lovely example of the breed. I felt she has such a lovely head, correctly balanced and well marked with good sized ears, round tipped and excellent fringes. A good reach of neck into excellent shoulders and a level topline. She moved extremely well and we both agreed she deserved her Best In Show.

When it came to Best Puppy we both came to the same decision with Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker, a lovely young 7 ½ month old puppy. She is fine boned with a sweet head and lovely ear placement, rounded tips and good fringing for age. She also has a level topline, a little longer in body, along with a well set and carried tail. Firm body condition, a silky coat and moved well with enthusiasm. Best Puppy In Show.

Minor Puppy Dog (7, 2)

1st J Goude – Ookiimmi Quest For Gold – Smart B/W, well balanced head and well set ears. Good shoulders and good length of neck with a lovely straight front, moved along well. Clean outline with level topline, Best Puppy Dog.

2nd Mrs M Whitehill – Amicae Mr Chips, upstanding R/W youngster, nicely balanced head, correct length of muzzle to head, well placed large and round tipped mobile ears, good body, a silky coat, good front and rear, moved well.

3rd Anderson & Kiernen. Northlyte Caledonia.

Res: Green/Cooper – Glendian Blake at Wilachans.

Mr C Whitehead – Amdos’s Loki.

Puppy Dog (9, 2)

1st Thompson &Austin . Skyvana – Catch Me at Jhanakia – Dainty dog of good construction, with good balanced head, good neck, with good topline on the move. Well set long tail, coat good for his age, nice hare feet, moved well up and down the ring.

2nd S Orchard – Nightfires Be Unique in Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu) – Larger built B/W dog but sound and moved out sprightly, balanced head with lovely large round tipped ears, reasonable length of neck, good level topline, well set feathered tail, moved out well around the ring.

3rd Anderson/Kieran – Northlyte Ring of Brodgar.

Res Buckley-Waters/Buckley – Sempefidels Fantastique.

VHC Cooper – Wilachans Codie

Junior Dog (3, 0)

1st C Montgomery – Elmaraine Remy Martin at Carrollryan – Lovely fine and dainty Tri, lovely balanced head, large ears, lovely dark eyes, enough neck to make him look balanced, dead level topline, well set arched tail, good front assembly and good in rear action. In good coat and moved well with a lovely outline and correct front action.

2nd Mr & Mrs Urquhart – Blackpark Aramis – Larger boy with lovely large ears, a shade longer in muzzle, good reach of neck into good shoulders, level topline, well arched and a well set on tail. Slightly longer in loin than 1, excellent silky texture coat and really enjoyed himself.

3rd – Chalmer – Bankshill Ilse Of Arran

Yearling Dog (5, 1Wd)

1st Anderson – Papretty Grt Expectations – Smart looking R/S with correct balanced head and balanced markings. Large well placed ears with lots of lovely fringing, enough neck into good shoulders, level topline, has well set and correctly arched tail, good straight body coat, correct hare feet, moved well although front could be tighter, rear is good movement.

2nd Elding – Stagedoor Supertramp – Larger B/W boy with a well balanced head, lovely large ears, good neck into well made shoulders and well laid shoulders. Topline a little fluid on the move, front a little loose and loose hare feet making them appear rounded.

3rd Walsh – Purepixie Red Admiral.

Res Green & Cooper – Wilachans Goblin King.

Novice Dog (5, 1 Wd)

1st – Munn – Stormin Norman to Ringlands – Smart R/W Sable with a well balanced outline, correctly balanced head proportions and large mobile ears. Good, single coat texture, moved well front and rear on hare feet, a well bodied male.

2nd – Milroy – Farthinghall Frilly Favour – B/W dog with a well balanced head, the darkest of eyes and well set ears, well bodied male with good firm body tone., could have moved better for his owner on the day. Just needs more coat now to finish the profile.

3rd – Urquhart – Blackpark Bastille.

Graduate Dog (4, 1).

1st .Bruce – Ookimimi Overboard – Red sable of nice size and fined boned, a good body and so well presented coat. He moved well round the ring and, tail nicely arched, good reach and forchest. Large round tipped ears and good fringing.

2nd Orchard – Nightfires Be Unique In Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu).

3rd McGrath – Elfuago DFor.

Post Graduate Dog (4, 0)

1st Slater – Magic Sunrise Brigand with Burgbridge (Imp LVA) – Well constructed tri Male, good head and lovely dark eyes, well placed and round tipped ears, enough fringes and a good neck. Good shoulders, level topline, well set on tail, strode out well around the ring Res CC

2nd – Green & Cooper – Wilichans Rebel Rebel – Wilichans Rebel Rebel – Good type with well balanced head and well placed ears, good dark eye, shorter in neck than winner, well set tail, has hare feet but lack of hair made feet appear round, adequate fringing in good coat, moved well.

3rd – Glanville-Hughes & Stanbury – Inixia Tailor Made for Brandonburg

Res – Borg – Elendil Crusader.

Limit Dog (11, 1)

1st – Davidson – Elamaraine Chasing Rainbows – Fine and dainty tri boy, stacked four square with a correct and balanced classic head. Well placed ears with round tips and a good fringe. A good neck into correct shoulders, a good forechest resulting in excellent shoulders, a dead level topline, correctly carried tail, good rear angles and lovely hare feet. A very smart dog, so light on his feet as he glides around, it was a pleasure to watch him navigate the ring with free movement. Delighted to award him the CC.

2nd Slater – Baillion – Black Obsidian for Zizula – Striking fine and dainty boy, dark sparkling eyes, correctly placed round tipped ears with good fringing. In glorious coat and moved freely around the ring with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

3rd – Headley – Yeldaeh Simply Red.

Res – Griffiths – Manawyddan Harryhare.

VHC – Ockendon – Oliver Twist.

Open Dog (11, 2)

1st Whitehill – Amicae Master Of Arts – Smart fine and dainty dog with appealing head and lovely dark eyes. Well placed large round tipped ears, good length of neck into good shoulders, level topline and well placed arched tail, good body on this young male. In good coat of single texture, moved well and a deserved win. There was something that spooked him in the dog challenge.

2nd Munn – Ch Ringlands Timeless Gift – Lovely R/W well balanced and mature dog. A classic head with dark melting eyes and lovely large round tipped ears, well fringed. Balanced head, a good length of neck into good shoulders. Level topline, well set tail and moved well.

3rd Robb – Ch Gleniren Who’s Your Daddy.

Res.Malcolm – Ch Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love.

VHC Bull – Altaya Star Attraction.

Veteran Dog (7, 5)

1st – Thompson & Austin – Melangel Highland Vogue at Jhanakia – R/W/S and sound as a bell. Stood 4 square and moved out really well coming and going. Lovely dark eyes, large mobile ears, round tipped, a good neck into well placed shoulder, level topline, a good tail set I would’ve liked a little higher although didn’t detract from the dog overall. Moving on beautiful hare feet. Best Veteran

2nd – Walklett – Farthinghalls’s New Touch at Angullyon – Similar make and shape to the winner, has good head properties with large rounded ears. A level topline, well coated and a good body. Lovely hare feet and moved well.

3rd Letch – Conysluck Master Pip.

Res Geary – Powermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn.

VHC Malcolm Petitchiens Moon Beam VW.

Open Phalene Dog (1, 0)

1st Morrell – Serenglade Leap Of Faith for Temelora – A well balanced head with really dark eyes, ear set well onto the side of the head dropping closely in. The head was nicely marked with a lovely balanced blaze. A medium neck with a very good shoulder, level topline and a good well set arch to the tail. Good rear quarters, correct hare feet and moved very well. Best Phalene.


It was a great honour for me to be asked to judge at this show, which I decided would be my last appointment. My first Club Show was a Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Open show (way back in 1993), judging bitches and I was delighted to be able to finish my judging with an appointment at the same Club’s Championship Show in 2022 again judging bitches. This Club is the oldest Papillon Club and will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2023/2024, a fantastic milestone. With this in mind, for those bitches I judged on the day my thoughts were centred on would they keep up and progress the breed and help keep Papillons to the Standard that so well describes them. Then, did they have the extra something in the ring that said “look at me” that made them the happy, lively, dainty, exquisite butterfly that so epitomises the Papillon.

I would like to make some general observations before I bow out of judging. I often hear people talking about types, why? We shouldn’t have a type we should be breeding to attain the Papillon Breed Standard, both Papillons and Phalenes. Phalenes should not be overlooked and it is a great shame that there not more out in competition, the only difference is the ear set and they can look beautiful.

When looking at your own dogs you must judge them truly, re read the standard, actually judge your own dogs more critically than others. The art of using pedigrees seems to be disappearing. Learn to assess pedigrees, write your own with the plus and minus on every dog. With your breeding bitches, what do you need to improve, and how strong is this in your line, so look at dogs in the behind your stock. It is important look at stud dogs and use those which could help breed out any undesirable fault. Make sure you never double up on a fault. I would like to make a plea also to everyone to make use of the DNA health checks that are available now. Sound, healthy stock that fit the breed standard and that are importantly made available for breeding can only but ensure our beautiful papillons as a breed way into future.

As with any dog, first and foremost we must have correctly constructed bodies, the first thing a judge will note. Without this the light and free movement a Papillon should have will not be there. It was concerning to me that I saw far too much variation and that on the day, and, as I have seen for some time now, the elegant, dainty fine boned example of the breed is becoming so much harder to find. In particular, for what is such an important characteristic of a Papillon, I saw too many incorrect heads with poor stops and not having the required length from tip of nose to stop approximately one third the length of the head, some with short legs which can never be classed as elegant. Poor fronts and narrow chests were present and hare feet, as described by the standard are still not the norm. It is a real shame that good preparation and presentation was lacking in some exhibits and that dirty teeth still persist. I was pleased with my class winners and in my BCC, RBCC and BPB I found really super examples which so made my day. With the full agreement of my co judge I was thrilled that the BCC and BPB were made BIS and BPIS.

My thanks to everyone kind enough to enter my last show as a judge. My huge thanks to my two stewards who were a great asset and and kept everything running smoothly. Some final words, if you win that’s great, but, if you don’t, look up the line and honestly consider why the judge has made those placings. I too have been beaten in the ring but have looked up the line ahead of me and acknowledged that on the day I was beaten by a better dog.

MPB (7,1) 1st: Mrs I & Mr G Robb’s Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker. R/S/W. An extremely confident, dainty, nearly nine month old, beautifully prepared and presented. She certainly knows how to make an entrance and say look at me, she has a well marked clean face, with lovely dark eyes, correct fine muzzle, leading into good stop and rise to top of skull, ears at perfect angle, good fringing for age, medium length of neck, correctly placed shoulder with elbows tucked in, excellent spring of rib, good length of loin, movement which is free and light maintaining her level top line when standing and on the move, correct silky coat, she has everything you would want in a puppy bitch so was pleased to make her my Best Puppy, and, with the joint agreement of my co judge Mrs Carol Lees (Lafford) delighted that she went Best Puppy In Show. 2: Mrs M Whitehill’s Amicae Belle of the Ball. I loved this very happy little tricolour, nearly 7 month old, great to see her tail wagging and enjoying her day. She had a correct head, w lovely dark eyesell placed ears with fringing just coming through, dark eyes, good shoulders, well balanced body, fine boned, good turn of stifle, her movement was light and free with top line held on the stand and move. Will be interested to see how she matures. One to watch.3. Carl Cooper’s Wilachans Bindie.

PB (7,0) 1: Drs M L L & E Anne Griffith’s Manawyddan to a Wild Rose. Very attractive rich red/white, nearly 10 month old. She has a really well marked head correctly proportioned with mobile and well fringed ears for age, lovely dark eyes and a fine silky coat. She has a good muscle tone for one so young, correctly proportioned body, good turn of stifle with really good propulsion from the rear, her tail was carried correctly completing the outline. Great happy temperament. 2 : Mrs C Anderson’s Pappretty Georgy Girl. B/W, almost 12 months. another nice bitch correct to the standard in height and length, good head with nice neat face markings, dark eyes, well set ears, lovely length of neck, leading into good lay of shoulder, well proportioned body, great to see correct hare feet and she has a lovely elegant outline. She has good movement but to see her at her best her handler needs to slow down a bit. 3: Miss S Orchard’s Panspayon Northern Lights.

JB (7,1) 1: Mrs C Lee-Slater’s Graycaz Pap Reeka. 14 months. Rich red/white Lovely head so well proportioned giving that lovely elegant look, correct medium reach of neck, she has a good body correct in height to length ratio, good straight front and spring of rib, level topline, coat coming through nicely and tail carried in a high arc. 2 : Karen Diprose’s Lilacrose Touch of Talent. 17 months. Dainty Black/white of good quality, another nicely proportioned head, again I like the elegance, her body is nicely constructed, perhaps a little more turn of stifle , but she moves well, would benefit from a better tail carriage. 3 : Shireen Last’s Lilacrose Magic Mya.

YB (3,0)1: Katharine Wykes’ Purepixie Lucy with Diamond. Quality two year old tricolour, she is alert and interested in her environment. Her head a little heavier than previous winners but not coarse, she has well placed large mobile ears, dark eye, and good stop, her body is well constructed and firm, correct silky coat, high tail carriage, moves well, just needs to correct her front when standing, but gives an overall nice picture. 2: Mrs C Lee-Slater’s Magic Sunrise Natalie (Imp Lva) (NAF). A clear red/white with a really nice head, perfect ear set, and lovely dark eyes, she has a medium neck leading into level topline, her chest is rather broad and spoils her front outline, she has good propulsion from the rear. She carries her tail nicely, but on the day wouldn’t settle to the job in hand so really didn’t show herself to advantage. 3: Shireen Last’s Lilacrose Magic Mya.

NB (8,2) 1. Mrs J Scovell’s Stagedoor Souffle. A 21/2 year old tricolour of great quality, lovely head so correct in proportions, beautiful dark eye, really lovely ear shape, well set and fringed, medium length of neck leading into correctly placed shoulder, excellent depth of chest and good length of loin, coat silky and presented perfectly. When stood she can be nervous of her surroundings and drop her tail but once on the move she flows with real elegance showing off her super construction and was very deserving of her first place. 2: Mrs C Lee-Slater’s Graycaz Oh La La. 16 month tricolour. A lovely elegant head, with beautiful well placed and fringed ears, great reach of neck adding to her elegant shape, she has a good body, good shoulder and depth of chest, good loin, just needs to mature a bit more. 3: Karen Diprose’s Lilacrose Touch of Talent.

GB (6,0)1: Miss K F & Mr E L Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Say it with Flowers. R/W 13 months, a very smart red/white and one to watch. She has a well proportioned head, lovely dark eye and perfect ear carriage, fine muzzle, good stop and rise to top of head, correct length of neck and shoulder, liked her depth of chest and good loin and rear angulation, level top line when standing and on the move, coat silky, movement when viewed from rear is parallel and she strode out so well. 2: Drs M L L & E Anne Griffiths’s Berestead Belle Epoque Manawdyddan. A very elegant black and white, her head is great, dark eyes good stop correctly set large well fringed mobile ears, her body is lovely and firm and well formed, she has positive movement firm and true. Slightly out of coat, but has nothing to hide, will be interested to see her future in the show ring. 3: Gill Geary’s Taliesyn Black Azalea.

PGB (9,5)1: Ms K & Mrs A Bull’s Chrysalis Star of the Storm. Tricolour, symmetrical head markings, good stop, dark eye, mobile ears and lovely reach of neck, level topline, shoulders well underneath her and elbows tight into the chest, moved well round the ring, would like to see her with hare feet to finish the picture, but overall an honest bitch. 2: Carl Cooper’s Wilachans Bo. Red/sable, I would like a more refined head and ears a little pointed but a she has a good structural frame, her coat is fine and silky, lovely plumed tail and again good to see elbows tucked in, she has a lovely length to her body, moves with style, maintaining a good top line. 3: Sylvia Glanville-Hughes’s Taliesyn Floribunda of Brandonburg.�

LB (11,2)1st: Angela Matthews’ Berestead Haute Couture. A really lovely red/white beautiful head, with fantastic well rounded and fringed ears, again that elegant head I was looking for, correctly proportioned. She has correct reach of neck when alert and paying attention but when stood she can seem to lose interest and “slump” and the neck and elegance goes. She has a good lay of shoulder, level top line, excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, fine bone and correct hare feet, she moves so well. She is deserving of top honours but it’s a great shame that she can get bored bored and this showed up in the challenge. 2: Lt Cdr BDC & Mrs PA Cox’s Briar Rose for Ringland. A good quality red/sable, she has a pleasing gentle head, lovely fringed correctly set mobile ears, nice reach of neck and lovely firm body, correct silky coat, moves with great style 3: Mr T R & Mrs C Headley’s Yeldeah Lady in Red.

OB (11,2)1: Miss K F & Mr E L Miller & Ryan’s Ch Feorlig Smart Cookie JW. So beautifully prepared and presented this bitch has everything I was looking for in a papillon, she is dainty, has perfectly proportioned super elegant head framed with well fringed, well set and mobile ears, glorious dark eyes, and, so desirable in our breed, neck of medium length leading into correct shoulder placement, elbows tucked in close, her chest is deep with a perfect rib cage, giving plenty of heart room, proper length of body with level top line when standing and on the move, her legs are fine boned with lovely hare feet. When she moves it is with a light flowing motion showing real elegance, her well stifled rear legs give the necessary propulsion from the rear showing super parallel movement, her coat is silky and flowing falling flat on back and sides. For me it was a great honour to go over her. Perhaps I would have liked just a slightly higher arched tail over the back but the her overall top quality is without parallel and I had no hesitation in awarding her the BCC. I was so pleased to see her awarded BIS with the full agreement of my co judge. 2: Mrs I & Mr G Robb’s Suniren Daddy’s Girl Gleniren. A very interesting tricolour of quality, her head is well proportioned with a lovely gentle expression, correct ear set, good reach of neck, she has a lovely firm body with good construction, movement is light and free she just flows her whole frame is very good, certainly has a great future ahead of her, RBCC. 3: Lt Cdr BDC & Mrs PA Cox’s Ch Tricianbri Tuppence a Kiss JW SHCM.

VB (9,2) 1: Miss S Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon SHCM SHCEX VW. It was great to be able to go over this super veteran bitch, she is elegant with an expressive head and well fringed ears, she has great construction from lay of shoulder to turn of stifle. Her movement is flowing and true. Although I would like a higher tail set, she presents a lovely picture. 2: Mrs A C & Ms E G N Borg’s Ch Petress Dark and Daring. Here we have another honest type, well balanced, lovely expressive gentle head, length of neck correct, firm body with beautifully silky coat, moved with a good free flowing action, a lovely dainty girl. 3: Mandy Keown’s Ch Jorgealin Moon Magic SHCM.

OPhaleneB (1) 1: Mrs S Morrell’s Ir Ch Temelora Adele. She stood alone but a very good Phalene, she has a nice head, with the correct ear carriage, good length of neck and lovely firm body, such a shame there weren’t any more.

Liz Bartram, Judge