Potteries and District Open Show 2004

12 December 2004
Papillon & Toy Group Judge: Cheryl Lockett

Best of Breed & TOY GROUP 1: Richards’ Lynricks Aint She Sweet
Best Puppy & TOY PUPPY GROUP 4: Bucklands Shazzabars Simply Magic

Junior. (4 ,0 abs)
1. Bucklands Invergarick Laff-a-Minute of Beausher, 14 months boy of good size, nicely proportioned head, good dark eye, attractive shaded rich colour with very profuse coat just lacking a little in texture, good depth of ribs and strong body, good reach in front & correct movement coming but very wide moving away.
2. Bucklands Shazzabars Simply Magic .
3. Robins Jaroma The Highlander

Post Graduate (2,0)
1. Invergarick Laff-a-Minute of Beausher
2. Shazzabars Simply Magic. b/w just 6 month raw puppy with good body and strong legs and loin, needs time, coat and more training to complete the picture.

Open (4,0)
1. Richards’ Lynricks Aint She Sweet and she truly is! Fits the true description ideally of a light, fairylike fine and dainty fluttering papillon, exquite r/w with a super head and expression, large mobile well fringed ears, delightful picture, in lovely coat and condition, nicely angulated back and front , carries a good level topline on the move, nice plume and most elegant outline. just delightful.
2. Robins Jaroma Lady of the Glen
3. Invergarick Laff-a-Minute of Beausher