Reading and District Kennel Association Open Show 2018

30th May 2018

Papillon Judge: Mrs Elaine Stanmore

Best of Breed: Gregory’s Ch Skyvana Reddy to Go to Tonkory JW
Res. Best of Breed: Nash’s Afterglow Gooseberry with Ookiimimi
Best Puppy & Puppy Toy Group 1: Urquhart’s Blackpark Patricia

I was very pleased with the quality of the entry and with the extremely promising puppies.

PUPPY (3, 2a)
1st Cox’s Temelora Looks like an Angel. Very aptly named 11months r/s/w bitch. Extremely pretty and dainty, she has a lovely head and expression, with medium sized, rounded eyes, framed by large ears which are well set with rounded tips. Well laid shoulders and straight front with hare feet, level topline, good tailset and hindquarters. Moving well.

JUNIOR (2, 1a)
1st Urquhart’s Blackpark Patricia, also 11months, this beautiful r/s/w bitch was the most mature of the puppies. Has a lovely head with symmetrical markings and dark, expressive, rounded eyes. Medium neck and very good front and hind angulation, chest already quite deep, her level topline and balance enhanced by her tail, which is set on high and correctly arched beautifully over her back falling into a plume. Her movement is positive, light and flowing which, together with her correct outline, and already flowing silky coat, makes her look really lovely in profile action. BP and delighted that she won the Toy Puppy Group.

YEARLING (2, 1a)
1st Petty’s Feorlig All You Need is Love at Goldenmist. A very attractive dog with a lovely temperament. Very nice head with large, well set ears, medium rounded eyes and intelligent expression, good front with hare feet, level topline, good tailset and strong hindquarters, moved well.

1st Urquhart’s Blackpark Vogue. r/s/w litter sister to BP and very similar remarks apply, Lovely head and the same dark, melting eyes, giving a lovely intelligent expression, well set large ears, straight front with hare feet, very nice front and hind angulation, level topline with nicely arched tail and lovely plume to complete the picture. Very promising for the future.

1st Nash’s Afterglow Gooseberry with Ookiimimi. 2 years b/w with many good points. She is very dainty and alert, has a very nice head with well defined stop and short muzzle, dark eyes of correct shape with a lovely expression, straight front with hare feet, level topline, nicely angulated quarters, lovely tailset and carriage. Her young handler showed and moved her very well RBOB.
2nd Cox’s Amicae Moonshine for Temelora Tri male who is also a very nice and sound dog. He is well balanced throughout with good angulation, lovely topline and tail carriage, correct hare feet and moved well.
3rd Jury’s Melangel Zachary at Lindanwaye

OPEN (5, 1a)
1st Gregory’s Ch Skyvana Reddy to Go to Tonkory JW. Have always loved this beautiful r/s/w, she has such an alert and happy personality. Beautiful head and expression, framed by large, well fringed ears, neck flows into a really lovely layback of shoulder, forelegs are straight with strong pasterns and correct hare feet, deep chest, level topline, strong hindquarters which are nicely angulated, lovely tailset and carriage. Abundant fine silky coat. On the move she is so sound and does not put a foot wrong. She looks so lovely going around the ring being so well balanced with such free flowing movement. BOB.
2nd Petty’s Jansanleis he’s a Belter at Goldenmist, another that I have always liked, pale tri who has a really lovely head and expression, large well set ears, very good front angulation, hare feet, good topline, well set and carried tail, good hind angulation with nice bend of stifle, moved very well.
3rd Mcshane’s True to You