Spire Toy Dog Premier Open Show 2023

29 October 2023

Papillon Judge: Cheryl Elizabeth Lockett

Best of Breed & Best in Show 3: Headleys’ Yeldaeh Lady in Red
Res. Best of Breed: Maskell & Wallers’ Lilnrose I’m in the Limelight with Kazkell
Best Puppy: Slaters’ Bresar’s Almeno Tu Nell’ Universo in Zizula (imp Italy)
Best Puppy Dog: Slaters’ Bresar’s Almeno Tu Nell’ Universo in Zizula (imp Italy)
Best Puppy Bitch: Hanson’s Glendian Clover at Basilbrooke

Puppy D/B (11,4 abs)
1st: Slaters’ Bresar’s Almeno Tu Nell’ Universo in Zizula (imp Italy), very well-schooled confident attractive clear r/w, well grown 7 ½ month dog, showing immense promise, with a super outline and good sound body lines, very sensible attitude, lovely full round eye, with a kind soft expression, well positioned large, flared ears. Well-proportioned head and muzzle, good bite, nicely shaped body with level topline, slightly bigger boy with good length of back and neck, sounder built and well-set tail, moved true & positively all ways and put in a very good performance, well presented.one to watch for the future. BPD/BPIB.
2nd: Hanson’s Glendian Clover at Basilbrooke; attractive 10-month tri, very attentive showgirl, with a lot to like. Gives a really good outline in profile, spot on for size, with good rib, level topline, well angulated rear and well set and used fringed tail, standing on good legs with correct feet , flat silky single coat of lovely texture , moved very positively going away and in profile, nicely balanced head with correct weight of skull and finely moulded foreface , preferred the eye shape and expression of 1. Needs to strengthen a little in front. Presented to advantage BPB.
3rd: Walklett’s Angulllyon’s Hermione.

Junior D/B (6,1 abs)
1st: Walklett’s Farthinghall Dainty Doris at Angulllyon, heavily marked rather dark girl with a lovely head, eye and expression, balanced throughout although rather too thin for me, still rather immature & would prefer more body, good level topline, Moved parallel both ways.
2nd: Headleys’ Yeldaeh’s Mrs. Pepperpot; light r/w with very appealing head and ears, coming along nicely, liked this girl a lot, in good coat & better finish than 1 with level topline, but a little over exaggerated in movement today, moving rather wide in front, needs a little more time to settle into herself.
3rd: Kerrison’s Kezkez Signore Nico Rosberg

Post Graduate D/B (6, 1 ABS)
Difficult class
1st: Walklett’s Angulllyon’s Enigma’s Secret; r/w girl, pleasing type, level topline, well set and fringed tail, very neat girl who moved nicely both ways, showed well, but too underweight for me, put in a better performance than 2 on the day although preferred the head, balance and overall outlook of 2.
2nd: Mann’s Khanor Secret Edition for Melangel, lovely type with a very pleasing head, well set & shaped eyes and ears and a lovely expression. Good foreface and mouth, very promising youngster who needs a lot more confidence to display his charms to the full. Unfortunately bit disadvantaged today by change of handlers but has a lot of promise.
3rd Foynes’ Lilacrose Final Touch for Lafay.

Limit D/B (6,2 abs)
1st: Headleys’ Yeldaeh’s Mr Chizlewick, really eye catching richly coloured dark S/S/R/W 16 month old boy ~a cut above , very appealing masculine refined dog with a super rib and great muscle tone , has a lovely full round soft dark expressive eye, and beautifully fringed large mobile ears, full skull with shorter foreface , love to see him when foreface has refined down and when fully mature ,although well-built and balanced, standing rather wide behind today and not quite so fluid as I wanted on the move. But no denying a quality dog with a great future.
2nd: Slaters’ Baillon Black Obsidian for Zizula , loved the elegance of this refined mature dog, presented a lovely picture, so well put down , has a beautiful refined correct skull, not so overdone as many ,beautiful silky coat, lovely rib and loin, not quite so positive on the rear as 1 today and pigmentation of eye rims was lacking a bit today & detracted a little from the expression I was looking for , but on another day could easily take the top spot.
3rd: Greens’ Wilichans Goblin King

Open Dog (7,2 abs)
1st: Maskell & Wallers’ Lilnrose I’m in the Limelight with Kazkell, beautifully presented mature 4-year-old most elegant and refined dog with a lovely single silky flat coat, gives overall impression of a totally composed elegant but sound dog, has a super weight of skull, correct balance of foreface, totally balanced throughout with a fine refined bone. Really well muscled without excess weight, good ribs, correct loin and lovely hare feet -very pleasing dog who moved so well whilst maintains level topline and good tail carriage. delighted to award RBOB, pushed hard!
2nd: Slaters’ Magic Sunrise Brigand with Burbridge (Imp Lva), well presented and stylishly handled dog in beautiful coat of correct size, very appealing dog who impressed throughout, sadly not so positive going away as 1 today. but a quality dog who will no doubt impress on another day .
3rd: Foynes’ Martika Kiss and Tell for Lafay.

Open Bitch (1,0)
1st: Headleys’ Yeldaeh Lady in Red, BOB/BIS 3; Although standing alone in her class today, my star of the day, totally sound, well bodied lovely clear r/w girl with no weakness. A really appealing soft expression, balanced head and foreface ,good mouth and strong teeth and lips, lovely boned legs and correctly shaped feet (sadly lacking on so many) large flaring ears and well fringed and carried tail , level topline, well developed rib with good heart room, well-muscled throughout & covered in a flat silky single coat; a very pleasing bitch who put in a great performance -moved really well all ways and has a well-conditioned body ! really liked this balanced dual purpose bitch . a credit to the breed. BOB and proud to see her go BIS 3 overall