UK Toy Dog Society Championship Show 2015

28 March 2015
Papillon Judge: Mrs Pat Munn (Ringlands)
Best in Show Judge: Val Blore

I was most impressed with my very good entry, nearly all the dogs were very well presented, coats well groomed and clean. I feel there are however a few points to watch in the breed, it is not desirable to have short up right shoulders, with no length of neck, also quite a few had very light bodies, with no strength of loin. It is lovely to have a pretty papillon with a beautiful head and lots of coat, but it needs good construction of body to complete the picture. There were some outstanding males, one of which was my Best Of Breed, but I felt that my bitch entry was stronger, some very good bitches forward, I will watch them all with interest.

BEST OF BREED & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW : Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Best Puppy : Skyvana Reddy To Go To Tonkory (Mrs J Gregory)
Best Veteran : Ch Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Mrs J Joyce)

Dog CC : Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo (Mrs I & Mr G Robb)
Res Dog CC : Ger & Ir Ch Hundebuden’s Juno Pondabudens (Mr S Carroll & Mr J Newman)
Bitch CC : Ancojo Pixie Pickles (Mrs S A & Mr J M Cooper)
Res Bitch CC : Ch Afterglow Adelaide (Mr T S Isherwood & Mrs J Scovell)

Veteran Dog (7 Entries, Abs: 1 )
1st: Ch Calajoy Robbie Macfluff (Mrs J Joyce). Lovely Black and White 10 yr old, I have always been a fan of this male, he has a well balanced head, good size ears, nice scull shape, with good stop and expression, good depth of chest, well balanced body with good ribcage, strong loin, good turn of stifle, good hocks, well set tail, moved well, altogether a very nice dog.
2nd: Jhanakia Highland Destiny (Mrs J Austin & Mrs S Thompson). Another dog of similar size, shown in good coat and condition, good deep red colour for an 8 yr.old, sound dog in movement and construction, good set of ears, pleasing head, good pigment, good top line, well set tail, strong quarters.
3rd: Paupad Ring of Fire Sh.CM (Mr P G & Mrs T A Cullen)
Res: Papplewick Petroglyph Sh.CM (Mr M & Mrs A Atkins)
VHC: Tinklebury The Fusilier (Ms J & Misses K & C McGrath)

Minor Puppy Dog (11 Entries, Abs: 2)
1st: Temelora Let It Be Magic (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague). Very promising youngster, really liked him, very much my type, a lot of quality about him, most attractive head, both in shape colour and pigment, very pleasing ear set, nice neck and shoulder, nice rib cage, good body coming, lovely top line, good tail set,nice hind quarters, will watch him with great interest, a lovely six months baby.
2nd: Gift Wrapped For Tutyak NAF TAF (Mrs E Cochrane). Mature for his age, just six months, Sable and White, not such an eye catching head as the winner, but good pigmentation, and good size rounded ears, good chest, level top line, strong muscled quarters, very sound.
3rd: Jansanleis He’s A Belter (Mrs M Whitehill)
Res: Magic Morgan Melangel TAF NAF (Mrs M & Misses B & J Mann)
VHC: Zoloto Lord Bossy Boots of Delphlands (Miss M J Moss)

Puppy Dog (7 Entries, Abs: 1)
1st: Amicae Daydreamer (Mrs M Whitehill). Black and White quality young dog, well balanced head, super fringes coming, on large leathers, good stop,and eye expression, good mouth, nice blaze and white muzzle, a fine boned balanced dog who moved smartly.
2nd: Melangel Highland Vogue At Jhanakia (Mrs J Austin & Mrs S Thompson) At first glance I thought this young dog was a clear Red, but on the table I could see he had just a touch of shadings on his ears, thus making him a Red sable, with a clear all white Body. Broaderblaze than winner, maturing in front, good rib cage fore age, and top line, good tail plume coming, nice quarters.
3rd: Rozamie La Reve at Altina (Mrs C D Holman)
Res: Ookiimimi Jitterbug (Mrs J Nash)
VHC: Amicae Dream Speaker (Mrs E Cochrane)

Junior Dog (8 Entries, Abs: 0)
1st: Sweetbriar Shine On Belvane (Mr & Mrs A Richardson) I liked this dog a lot, could have a little more presence in the ring, but once on the table, was a pleasure to go over, Very large ear leathers, with fringing coming, good scull shape, a well balanced head, with pleasing blaze, good front and chest, nice shoulder, good body, tail placement, good turn of stifle, moved well.
2nd: Petress Special Blend JW (Miss J Clint) Pretty head and plenty of quality about him, but unfortunately was not showing his best for me today, this size of dog is pleasing, his coat is coming, with a nice tail set, and plume, good quarters well muscled in second thigh, another day when settled could look a very smart dog.
3rd: Papadore Ace Of Hearts (Mrs Y Steele)
Res: Herumen Mountain Moon (Ms J & Misses K & C McGrath)
VHC: Grinsdales Gigalo At Rosenjon (Mrs R A Hobson)

Graduate Dog (11 Entries, Abs: 3)
1st: Erinbec Blizzard (Mrs B & Mr T Billingham) A two year old tricolour dog, shown in good fringes, good coat, and tail plume, when going over him, I found he had good sized ears 45 degrees, good tricolour markings, good front, with hair feet not often seen these days, plenty of spring of rib, good hind movement, making a pleasing picture.
2nd: Tijuana Mischief Maker (Mrs Q A V Bruce & Mrs A J Bruce-Jackson) This dog shows a great deal of quality a most attractive head, huge ears with thick fringes coming, very pleasing expression, good stop, good mouth, lovely dark pigmentation, pleasing forehand, nicely balanced body with lovely tail set, moves smartly, needs a little more time to mature pushed the winner hard.
3rd: Temelora Mardi Gra (Mrs K M Lock)
Res: Connection Siljans Crown Jewel of Novastar (Imp) (Mr J A & Mrs J E Edson)
VHC: Elendil Bellman (Mrs A & Ms E Borg)

Post Graduate Dog (16 Entries, Abs: 1)
1st: Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken (Mrs K M Smith)2 year old very pretty Red Sable Dog, with a most beautiful head, lovely scull shape and good size ears, heavily fringed, very good stop with lovely dark eye with very soft expression, well balanced muzzle, lovely dark pigmentation (which stood out against his colour), good mouth, shown in good body with long tail plume, when settled moved freely.
2nd: Rozamie Dream Chaser with Chetruda (Mrs V Lockhart) Very smart deep red fox sable and white, pleasing head with good stop and expression, very good mouth, good deep chest, nicely placed shoulders, good spring of rib and top line, moved very well, coming and going (all together a very nice dog).
3rd: Powdermill Original Touch (Miss R A Dutton)
Res: Tussalud Man On The Run (Mrs K Stewart & Miss K Stewart-Knight)
VHC: Motica Prince Charming At Jorgealin (Imp) (Mrs L George-Evans)

Limit Dog (19 Entries, Abs: 3)
1st: Inixia Saucy Sam (Mrs S Stanbury) Very well coated smart and sound, deep red sable dog, active well balanced head, good mouth, good front, pleasing neck with good shoulder, good top line, strong in loin, good turn of stifle and strong in hocks, long tail bone with plenty of plume moved well round the ring.
2nd: Macstrak Jack Daniel (Miss C Hatch) A most beautiful headed black and white dog of very good breed type (he had a head to die for), with very heavy fringing, shown in super full coat, plenty of body, good quarters, beautiful tail, moved well behind, would perfer more strengh of pastern, just needs to settle in the ring.
3rd: Feorlig Magic In The Making Sh.CM (Mrs J C Barnett)
Res: Temelora Rising Star (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)
VHC: Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar Sh.CM (Mrs M Melvin & Mrs P Cox)

Open Dog (10 Entries, Abs: 0)
1st: Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo (Mrs I & Mr G Robb) This really is an outstanding quality dog, a real butterfly (I judged him at his first show and he gained Best Puppy in Show, I loved him then and do so now). A very nice scull shape with well fringed ears of 45 degrees, excellent stop and the darkest of eyes with a beautiful expression. Deep chest, good front, good barrel, lovely top line, strong in loin, very good hindquarters, with excellent turn of stifle, very good tail set, moved with ease and shown in very good coat to perfection.
2nd: Ger & Ir Ch Hundebuden’s Juno Pondabudens (Mr S Carroll & Mr J Newman) This dog took my eye as soon as he came into the ring, he has great presence, a wonderful front and moves to die for. Attractive head, huge ear leathers well fringed, good scull shape, good eye and mouth, symmetrical marking on head and muzzle, good chest and deep rib cage, strong hindquarters and good hocks, well set tail with long plume. Delighted to award him the Reserve Dog CC. A very nice dog who should soon gain his British Crown.
3rd: Ancojo Gold Fever JW (Mrs S A & Mr J M Cooper)
Res: Coffe Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp) (Mr J & Mrs S CATON)
VHC: Ibstock Custom Made (Mr D J & (The Late) Mrs R Ayris & Ms S Wheeler )

Veteran Bitch (6 Entries, Abs: 0)
1st: Calajoy Could She Be Magic (Mrs J Joyce) A very pretty girl, small red and white shown in sparkling condition, she has always been a favourite of mine, very pretty head with long fringes, good body, nicely set tail and moves freely.
2nd: Meerwings The Swallow Tale By Pyatshaw (Mrs A B Macgregor) Sweet headed sable and white, a few years ago I awarded her a Res. C.C., she has a lovely head with soft expression, shown in good condition, moved well across the ring.
3rd: Feorlig Unforgettable Ella (Miss K F Miller)
Res: Sharjoy Hibernian Princess At Lafay (Mr A J Foynes & Mrs C A May)
VHC: Rayol Lotus Blossom (Mrs G A Geary)

Minor Puppy Bitch (9 Entries, Abs: 1)
1st: Jorgealin Moon Magic (Mrs L George-Evans) Eye catching Red Sable 9 month bitch puppy of good medium size, well balanced head with good set of ears and good mouth, dark pigment, very nice forehand for a youngster, good ribcage, good top line, strong quarters, moved well.
2nd: Inixia Saucy Sara NAF (Mrs S Stanbury) Six months smart sable and white baby girl, with striking symmetrical marking on head, good confirmation, moved like a little stag, should have a great future.
3rd: Temelora Amazing Grace (Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague)
Res: Taliesyn Travellers Joy (Mrs G A Geary)
VHC: Iotastar’s Moment In Time (Ms J D Ramsey & Mr C J Mowatt)

Puppy Bitch (13 Entries, Abs: 1)
This was a hard class to judge as there where three lovely bitch puppies that anyone would be pleased to take home.
1st: Skyvana Reddy To Go To Tonkory (Mrs J Gregory) This young red sable nine month bitch won her class today on her presence, personality and movement, I noticed in the puppy group she was still playing and showing her head off, loved her ears, heaverly fringed, her scull shape was pleasing, good front and firm pasterns. Very good body for age, tail set and strong hindquarters, good movement behind.
2nd: Omegaville Love Me Do (Ms A Forth). This young bitch is beautiful, just under 12 months, unfortunately today she was a bit apprehensive, with a little more confidence and time she should gain her crown. The type of head that I love, a head of quality, with a very good stop and pleasing shape and length of muzzle, a very pretty soft expression of eye, a deep sable and white with good coat coming, carrying a good body.
3rd: Lafford Kandy Floss (Ms C P Lees)
Res: Petitchien’s Keep The Faith At Farthinghall (Mrs K Milroy)
VHC: Gaea Devonshire Quarrendon Inixia (Mrs S Stanbury)

Junior Bitch (7 Entries, Abs: 2)
1st: Petress Dark and Daring (Mr P G & Mrs T A Cullen) Black and white well coated very nice dual purpose medium sized female, a lovely classic type head, with very good fringes, scull shape slightly rounded between ears, eyes dark with dark rims, good stop, good mouth, elegant neck, pleasing length of body, plenty of rib cage, moved with ease, however would prefer more strength of pastern.
2nd: Golygfamor Mademoiselle (Mrs J M & Ms S H Wheeler) Another well put to gether dual purpose sound black and white bitch, moved well both coming and going, pleasing head, well-marked with nice thick fringes, good mouth, nice body, and hindquarters, making a pleasing picture, not in full coat.
3rd: Panspayon Be My Angel (Miss S Orchard)
Res: Volpecula Tess Trueheart (Miss E B Patrick)
VHC: Johnasta Shadow Dancer (Mrs S J Williams)

Graduate Bitch (6 Entries, Abs: 0)
1st: Cintarshe Dancing Light Johnasta (Mrs S J Williams) Light Red Sable and white, shown in good body, a sound dual purpose bitch, balanced head with good ears, depth between chest, nice rib cage, strong quarters, moved well, just getting over a litter.
2nd: Papadore Ears A Surprise (Mrs Y Steele) Black and white full of presence moved smartly, well marked head, nice to see fine bone and hair feet, she moved well but would prefer to see more neck.
3rd: Tricianbri Kisses For Me (Mr B D S & Mrs P A Cox)
Res: Gleniren Oops A Daisy (Mrs L Phillips)
VHC: Wilseekis Tooti Frooti (Mrs K Dawber)

Post Graduate Bitch (12 Entries, Abs: 3)
1st: Ancojo Wild Fire At Thistlemist (Mrs H Broadhurst) A Super Tricolour Bitch, this lady I could take home any day of the week, very becoming head and classical tri markings, which are very striking, fringes coming on large ears, good blaze, very pleasing soft expression of eye, deep chest, plenty of rib, strong in loin, lovely long tail with very long plume, strong sound quarters, plenty of coat, I wish her the best of luck in gaining her crown.
2nd: Tussalud Story Tales NAF (Mrs K Stewart & Miss K Stewart-Knight) Pale Sable and White, with black tipping to ear fringes all white body, making her look eye catching, a well bodied nicely balanced bitch shown in nice silky coat, with good tail, moved well. Upon full maturity she will a very lovely bitch.
3rd: Amicae Royal Seal (Mrs M Whitehill)
Res: Invanse Tantrums ‘n’ Tiaras (Mr S & Mrs L Church)
VHC: Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty (Mrs C D Anderson)

Limit Bitch (14 Entries, Abs: 2)
1st: Ancojo Pixie Pickles (Mrs S A & Mr J M Cooper) A lovely Red Sable and White bitch that I have been watching for some time, very much my type, was so pleased to award her, her third CC. Very pretty head, Skull slightly rounded, ears of nice size and shape,which she used like butterfly wings, good stop and quality muzzle, but allowing for full dentition, medium length of neck on good shoulders, and body, nice loin and quarters, very good tail set and length, moved well around the ring.
2nd: Rozamie Kisses At Midnight At Feorlig JW Jun Ch (Miss K F Miller & Mr E L Ryan) Another Very lovely Red sable bitch who was very similar in type to the winner, again a very pleasing head well balanced and quality, with very mobile ears, good barrel, level back, lovely strong sound hindquarters, moved very well. I hope she gains her title.
3rd: Denemore Gabiscandy Floss At Tricianbri JW Sh.CM (Mr B D S & Mrs P A Cox)
Res: Petress Black Magic JW (Mr P G & Mrs T A Cullen)
VHC: Craigaber Timewatch JW (Mrs A B MacGregor)

Open Bitch (13 Entries, Abs: 1)
What a super class of such a high standard, Seven Champions forward with One International Champion
1st: Ch Afterglow Adelaide (Mr T S Isherwood & Mrs J Scovell) Super Tricolour bitch, show in excellent condition, and coat, very well presented, and shown to her best advantage. Was delighted to give her the Res. C.C. as she is of a very good type and size, combining substance with quality, pleasing tri markings with wider through blaze and muzzle, strong ear leathers with fringes coming with fish tails appearing, well balanced scull and muzzle, lovely deep chest, well balanced body, again with very good rib cage and loin, pleasing hindquarters and turn of stifle, good tail set with plume coming. Very sound bitch.
2nd: Ch Connection Siljans White Star (Imp) JW Sh.CM (Mrs W F Price) A delightful sable and white bitch, just my type, the type of head that I am very fond of, with softly rounded scull shape, a good stop, with a very cheeky eye expression, rounded muzzle with good dentition, very well placed ears with good fringing, good front, nice length of neck, shown in good body with plenty of barrel, good outline, good tail set, super hindquarters, moved very soundly.
3rd: Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken JW Sh.CM (Mrs K M Smith)
Res: Int Ch Multi Emma Aja Gabritho Marestel Omegaville (Ms A Forth)
VHC: Jap Ch Griffin Jp Mary (Mr R Usui)