16 December 2022 Papillon Breed Notes

Me, thinks winter is here with chilly bon- bon mornings and snow looming and present in Scotland and further down south to Manchester. This is getting a tad too close for comfort! My fountain was turned off this morning as it had icicles on icicles, brrrrr.

Lee Grogan (Vanistica) of Japanese Chin fame had travelled over from Ireland to judge toy breeds and the Toy Group at Hyde & District Canine Association Open Show. Thank you Lee for sending me details of the show it is very much appreciated.
The BOB Papillon was also awarded Toy Group 1 and was Carl Cooper’s Wilachan Oli and the Reserve BOB also went to Carl again with Wilachan Bindie who is the daughter of the BOB. Best Puppy went to Miss L Abbott with Kenzduo Tulip Tyrant. Lee said Miss Abbott is a young handler who shows great promise.
This is just a snippet of Lee view of the judging. The Papillons overall were of a uniform size and very ‘Toy’. The entry all had lovely large ears great temperaments and coats were excellently presented. To be hyper critical, Lee thought perhaps breeders should pay closer attention to the tail sets, as many gave the concept of being rather flat on the back. Preferring them to be set on high, arched over the back to give that Papillon Silhouette. Lee commented that if you saw a Pap and Chin from a distance, we should know which is which from a distance. Perhaps this is food for thought for the future.
Congratulations to you all on a super day.
Thank you again Lee for giving me the information on the show.

It is with sadness that news was received that Chris Lawrence of the Shevarl affix has passed away. His wife Jean passed away some years ago. Many folks that have caravanned in past years will remember Jean, Chris and David and Pauline Abbott (Lordsdrake) spending many a happy show together. Chris was an excellent chef, so food and cooking for parties was not a problem. No other details at present but if they come through in time will include in the breed notes.

Update on Alan Bartram (Burghbridge) who has had a scary time over the last few weeks. There may be a possibility that Liz will be able to have Alan at home shortly. A hospital bed is arriving at their home to make things easier. Liz and Alan you are in our thoughts and we are all wishing you so much love.
I wish special Christmas get well wishes to all those Papillon folk that perhaps have been struggling with health issue over the last years. You will be in our thoughts and I will be sending positive vibes for health and happiness.

That’s it for now. Take special care on the roads especially in the early hours of the morning.
Get that hot cuppa ready for the next breed notes.