Bedford & District Canine Society Open Show 2015

27 September 2015
Papillon Judge: Angharad Al-Bazi (Phylcher)

Best of Breed & Toy Group 4: Ookiimmi Just Imagine
Res. Best of Breed: Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn
Best Puppy: Fedelta Angelica at Taliesyn

Junior (3, 1 Abs)
1st: Ookiimmi Just Imagine – BOB, G4. A nice, dainty red and white sable bitch of 16 months who excelled herself with elegant movement and the sweetest of expressions. Beautiful head proportions and of good stop. Ears round of medium size, set at 40 degrees and well fringed. Dark, round eyes set neither too low nor too high into skull. Good length of neck and strong front. Well placed shoulders and elbows close to chest. Good depth of chest and enough body for a bitch of her age with level topline. Legs parallel with nice hare feet. Level topline with good tail set allowing tail to fall into a plume, tail length also good. Hindquarters well muscled with enough turn of stifle. Coat texture and presentation excellent.
2nd: Fedelta Angelica at Taliesyn – BPIB. Again, a dainty 10 month old red and white bitch, who should mature and grow in confidence. Lovely head of good proportions, ears round and well fringed – slightly high at the minute but should drop with maturity. Enough body and good shoulder placement. Elbows close to chest and legs parallel. Clean topline with good tail set, of good length. Hindquarters good, with medium turn of stifle. Movement good – just feel with confidence her overall performance will improve much more.

Post Graduate (2)
1st: Taliesyn Travellersjoy. A lively black and white bitch again of good head proportions and fine bone. Ears rounded and set well. Eyes of round, medium size, if being picky eye pigment could be better. Coat texture was excellent. Enough length of neck and depth of chest. Shoulders set well into good elbow placement. Level topline with enough body to accompany. Plume tail, could be slightly longer. Hindquarters good, with medium turn of stifle.
2nd: Ookiimmi Jitterbug. Tri colour dog of nice head proportions, although felt skull a little broad. Ears set well and carried nicely with ample furnishings. Strong body and bone of good texture, but would like bone finer. Enough length of neck and excellent depth of chest with good spring of rib. Topline OK. Tail set and carriage good. A strong mover, although needs to stride out more in front.

Open (2)
1st: Powdermill Designer Touch at Taliesyn – RBOB. A lovely dog who had the correct head proportions which was well defined. Ears set well at 45 degrees, medium and round with ample fringing. Round, dark eye giving a nice expression. Good length of neck into well set shoulders and elbows. Legs parallel and of good, strong yet fine bone. Enough depth of chest and body with nice level topline being maintained. Tail set good falling into a plume. Movement strong yet elegant. Close for BOB, just felt like coat needs to be silkier in texture.
2nd: Ookiimmi Dapper Dancer. Red sable dog – I felt a little long in muzzle but otherwise had a good head with dark, round eyes. Ears quite large and fringed well. Ample neck with good chest and body who was in excellent condition. Coat could be silkier. Tail set and carriage good.